Recent Commissions

  • A Very Special Engraved Wooden Tea Light Holder

    A very special engraved wooden tea light holder – indeed! Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial we make the very best engraved wooden tea light holders on the market. So much so, we were commissioned to make this stunning tea light holder. Larger in size and thickness than our usual personalised wooden tea light holders, in order to engrave the stunning inscription and…

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  • Personalised Curved Wooden Bench with Hand Carving

    Take a look at this very special curved wooden bench! When it come to our beautiful personalised wooden gifts for weddings and 5th wedding anniversaries, we often get asked – how do we engrave our products, is it by hand or by machine? The truth is… we use both! We have actually invented our own way of engraving in wood.…

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  • Carved Military Display Plaque

    If you’re familiar with the personalised wooden gifts we make here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, you’ll have seen our personalised wooden wall plaques before. But there are no doubt a number of plaques we’ve made that you haven’t seen before. As well as the wooden plaques we have available in the shop, we also make bespoke wooden plaques for customers looking for…

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  • Bespoke Wooden Business Signs: Coffee Box

    One thing we’re complimented on regularly is the high quality bespoke wooden signs. As well as making personalised signs for houses and home owners, we also make bespoke wooden business signs for shops, hotels, B&Bs, cafes, restaurants, pubs, parks and clubs. These particular custom wooden business signs are hand-crafted from solid English Oak, and were featured in the blog for…

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  • Bespoke Wall Plaque for The Beatrix Potter Foundation

    Here’s one commission I simply have to tell you about… The unique wooden engraved wall plaque we made for the Beatrix Potter Foundation. Shop Plaques You can’t beat a really good quality oak wall plaque. We have made thousands of them to date from back when we first began in 2007. It is a product we are very passionate about…

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