Oak Chopping Boards

Solid oak chopping boards will last a lifetime and with deep engraving available to add that personalised touch, we can make something special for anyone.

Our solid oak chopping boards have been a favourite with clients across the UK since 2009, using solid English oak from sustainable sources, we can produce in any size and thickness and with deep engraving and messages or inspiration on sides and faces, you can soon see why they are popular.

Our Solid Oak Chopping Boards

Whatever the occasion or celebration, a fine solid chopping board is the absolute perfect gift. Whether it's for a special someone's Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Gift, House Warming or Retirement - our chopping boards are a great way of showing appreciation and gratitude or simply just treating someone you care about!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favourite cook or foodie? Look no further than our hand-made personalised oak chopping boards! Not only does it look fantastic, but its long-lasting wood make it a useful choice that will last for years.


Hand-crafted from solid oak – a hardwood known for its strength and durability – our chopping boards are designed to withstand the daily wear of demanding kitchen activities like chopping, dicing, and more. With proper care and maintenance, they function as stylishly and effectively as the day you purchase them. Along with being incredibly durable, these boards also add an aesthetic touch: their inspired design showcases swirling grain patterns and comes in five fresh shades of natural wood finishes.

No matter if you’re looking for something special for an avid baker or simply want to bring some beauty and practicality into someone’s kitchen, our handmade oak chopping board is sure to please.

Oak Chopping Board FAQs

What are the benefits of using an oak chopping board?

Oak chopping boards are an excellent choice for the culinary enthusiast. Here are some of the benefits of using an oak chopping board:

1. Durability: Oak is a hardwood and therefore more resistant to warping, splitting, and cracking than softer woods like pine or bamboo. It also holds up better against scratches and other wear and tear due to the tight grain on its surface. These factors make it ideal for heavy-duty kitchen tasks such as cutting meat, bread slicing, mincing vegetables, etc., without damaging your knives. 2. Hygienic: The tight grain structure of oak makes it difficult for bacteria and germs to penetrate into its surface compared with other softwoods like cedar that have large pores in their surfaces that can potentially harbour harmful bacteria growths if not cleaned regularly enough—a factor that should not be overlooked when choosing a cutting board material! 3. Easy Maintenance: Unlike some other materials like plastic which require special cleaning products or need to be replaced frequently due to scratches/stains; oak requires no additional cleaning methods or frequent replacement because of its naturally durable characteristics making it cheap to maintain in the long run too! 4. Attractive Design: One area where oak doesn’t skimp is in attractiveness as this wood type has beautiful grain patterns naturally embedded within its surfaces adding character particularly when used unoiled/stained giving you a great display piece along with being completely functional in your kitchen arsenal! So don't neglect looks while buying one for yourself as well!

How do I care for my oak chopping board?

Caring for your chopping board is essential to ensure that it has a long and useful life. Oak is a natural material, so proper care will help keep the cutting surface clean and provide protection from scratches, warping, and cracking.

The first step is to make sure you never cut directly on the board. It’s important to use a rubber or plastic cutting mat instead of putting strain on the wood of your board directly. This will also protect your knives from becoming dulled due to contact with the hardwood surface.

Regularly cleaning your oak chopping board should be done with dish soap and warm water or white vinegar mixed with lemon juice if there are stubborn stains or bacteria present. Afterward, make sure you thoroughly dry the board so it doesn't absorb too much moisture which could cause warping or cracking down the road.

Oil can also be used every six months (or more often depending how frequently you're using it) to moisturize and nourish your chopping block back into shape - look for an approved food-safe oil like mineral oil as they usually have additional antibacterial properties that won't damage other materials in contact with them like plastic surfaces etc.. To do this properly, pour some food grade mineral oil onto a cloth and gently rub all over the entire surface then let stand overnight before wiping off any excess liquid left behind – repeat until any dark spots disappeared altogether after several hours of applying oils multiple times! Make sure when finished wipe away all excess residue so not become slippery when coming in contact with ingredients while cooking!

Finally, avoid exposing your cutting boards unnecessarily to heat sources such as dishwashers/microwaves which can cause irreparable damage quickly; particularly since these devices may use temperature settings hotter than what wood was originally meant for!

How long will my oak chopping board last?

Depending on how well you take care of it, your oak chopping board can last for many years or even decades. An average oak chopping board will last for 10-15 years before needing to be replaced if it's regularly oiled and cleaned with mineral oil and a soapy cloth.

When cared for properly, an oak cutting board can become increasingly harder over time due to the natural tannins in the wood that cause gradual cross-linking between its individual fibers. This makes them resistant against scratches or knicks from utensils and regular use, making them ideal candidates as a long-lasting kitchen item.

Of course, any type of wooden kitchen tool needs maintenance, especially those made from soft woods like pine or cedar which are more susceptible to staining than hardwood like oak. Regardless of material type, make sure to always lightly sand down the edges after every use with fine sandpaper while cleaning so that there won't be any splinters that could hurt fingers when handling.

Also important is proper moisture management – using too little will cause warping while using too much may cause cracks in the surface due to expansion; applying mineral oil routinely once every six months should help prevent direct contact with water or other liquids during cleanups so as not to damage your cutting board prematurely. With these simple tips in mind you'll have a beautiful (and functional!) piece of furniture sitting atop your countertop for many years into the future!

Can I put my chopping board in the dishwasher?

No, it is not recommended to put an chopping board in the dishwasher. While dishwashers are great for sanitizing dishes and utensils, they can damage wooden items such as your oak chopping board.

Exposing wood to temperatures greater than 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius) can lead to warping and splitting of the wood. The temperature of a standard hot household water heater is typically between 120-140F (49- 60C). Dishwashers use much higher temperatures during their cycles reaching up to 180 degrees F. This hot water combined with excessive moisture from washing the dishes could be detrimental to the health of your cutting board, leading it to crack or warp over time due to water saturation within its fibers.

Aside from potentially damaging your cutting board, using a dishwasher could cause bacteria trapped on its surface get washed into other parts of your kitchen which poses significant health risks since food contamination by microbes such as salmonella and e coli bacteria is dangerous and can lead serious illnesses or death if consumed.

A better way cleaning an oak cutting board is by hand washing it with warm soapy water before lightly patting it dry with a clean towel after each use. Vinegar may also be used in addition to soapy water when cleaning because vinegar has anti microbial properties that help break down fats while eliminating odors effectively without damaging the integrity of wooden surfaces like oak boards do in high heat environments like those found inside dishwashers.

Can I use my oak chopping board for cutting meat?

Yes, you can use an chopping board for cutting meat as long as it is properly cared for. Oak is a hardwood that has natural oils and tannins that make it less likely to absorb bacteria which makes it suitable for cutting and preparing meats. However, it’s important to remember that oak must be treated differently than other types of wood when caring for your chopping board in order to ensure its longevity and continued safety.

Before first using the chopping board, wash with warm soapy water and let dry completely overnight. After each use, hand wash the surface with warm soapy water then air dry before storing away from direct sunlight or moisture. Occasional seasoning with mineral oil will also help keep the wood hydrated and free of cracks or crevices where bacteria may hide. Lastly, be sure to replace your chopping board if there are any deep cuts or grooves in which food particles may get stuck since this could breed unwanted bacteria.

Oak Chopping Board Reviews

Fabulous wooden chopping board made to size. Really pleased with the result. I highly recommend this business.
I ordered a massive live edge chopping board from Make Me Something Special which arrived today. My husband had been looking at different boards for quite some time and never quite found exactly what he wanted until we found MMSS. I phoned to discuss my requirements with Ben and he was very knowledgeable and helpful when ordering. The board is absolutely stunning, it adds that finishing touch to our new kitchen. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again. Thankyou so much!
Where do I start... this company is absolutely incredible to deal with, from my initial questions about this item, through to the box I have just opened, containing the most beautiful chopping board I have ever seen! The quality of the wood is beautiful! I cant praise, thank, or recommend you enough...Well done, its been a pleasure to do business with you!Many thanks Pauline
Make me Something Special made a beautiful bespoke chopping board for us. It is beautifully made and worth every penny. We absolutely love it and would thoroughly recommend them.
Can't recommend this company enough. I wanted to purchase a 'Live Edge' chopping board and Ben couldn't have been more helpful. He took the time to discuss exactly what I needed and within a couple of weeks this beauty arrived. Love it, the finish is amazing, its so smooth and love the grain of the wood. A lovely addition to my kitchen that will get loads of use and admired every day.
Just received my chopping board. quality AWESOME. My hubby will be totally blown away by this on Christmas day. I'm sure he won't even mind doing the sprouts now!!!!! Thank you so much. YOUR COMPANY IS SECOND TO NONE AND I WIL BE ORDERING ALL MY SPECIAL GIFTS FROM YOU IN FUTURE.
Last minute decision to buy a chopping board from Make Me Something Special for a birthday present. Customer service was excellent, very responsive, ensuring the board was received in time for the birthday, even though we were very late in ordering. Quality is superb too! Couldn't have asked for more.

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