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MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s handcrafted magnetic wooden knife holders are very special indeed. We make three knife holders which are stunning and each one is designed specifically for the style of kitchen and where they can fit, allowing your favourite knives to be within reach. If you own or want to buy beautiful kitchen chef knives the storage is all important; you can’t just bung them into a draw. The old fashioned magnetic strip knife racks are out as well, as they can scratch or damage the knife blades. Wooden is the way to go!

There is something very special about knives just sitting against a smooth piece of wood, looking as if they are defying gravity. It catches the eye immediately. The powerful rear earth magnets are hidden deep inside the timber and can never come in contact with your knife blade, which adds to the illusion, making our knife racks very elegant.

Collection of Knife Racks

There are many different magnetic wooden wall knife racks on the market but you will find they all have the same design, they are only 2 inches tall which leaves most of the knife edge exposed. Personally, I think this looks untidy. Our wooden knife racks, no matter which one you buy, features a good full sized back board, keeping all of your knife blades well protected. 

Choose from either our wall mounted knife rack or our two counter mounted knife holders – our knife block and knife stand. All three are beautiful and will hold an array of kitchen knives. Our knife blocks, like our wall racks, hold knives on one side and look very contemporary and stylish with its counter balance design. Our knife stand is for the cook or chef who has a good selection of kitchen cooking knives. Knives can attach to both faces making it an excellent kitchen accessory if you have lots of chef knives to house.

Personalised Knife Racks

All of our knife holders come with or without personalised engraving to add that personal feel to your kitchen or as a thoughtful gift, perfect for weddings, 5th wedding anniversaries. We can carve names and dates, quotes or witty wording of your choice. Also choose from various different sizes and a range of timbers. Make Me Something Special Magnetic Wooden Knife Holders are simply stunning.

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