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Personalised Wooden Plaques

Take a look at our extensive range of personalised wooden plaques. All of which can be engraved with your choice of inscription.

Wooden plaques like you've never seen before...

Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, you'll find the finest personalised wooden plaques on the market. To date, we've bespoke-made over 2000 engraved wooden wall plaques for our customers, as well as many more for very well known establishments, businesses, schools, trusts, events, official royal openings, local councils and the armed forces. The reason is simply because of the way we approach our wooden wall plaques. These are not mass-produced, dull, machine engraved, lifeless plaques - every single one of these engraved plaques is a labour of love. We not only hand-choose every single piece of timber, but we spend time arranging and colour matching the wood to bring together a plaque board that resembles a single piece of timber instead of a mass of mismatched parts. You can choose from either our locally soused English Oak or our Amish American Black Walnut as the beginning of your beautiful bespoke engraved wooden wall plaque. A great starting point, then we cut to size and begin carving. You are not limited to solely lettering.

Engraved plaques like you've never seen before

MakeMeSomethingSpecial specialises in beautifully carved motifs and engraved images. We can engrave company logos, coat of arms, crests, custom lettering as well as beautiful bespoke engraving works that put us leagues ahead of our competitors. We can also carve any font you wish. Each and every letter is carved using custom made diamond-tipped cutters as used by prestigious companies like McLaren and Rolls Royce, finished by hand and repeatably checked to ensure perfection. So, when it comes to hanging your carved wall plaque, the contour and depth of the engraved lettering will stand out as it captures the light.

Personalised and Engraved Wooden Plaques

From here, it is a case of either leaving the engraved lettering just as it is or adding colour to the wording to make a prominent feature. Just like the plaque we created for the official opening by HRH Countess of Wessex, Stoll, London. A stunning, rich, solid walnut ceremonial plaque with hand-painted gold leaf lettering. You must take a look. On the other hand, if you look at the engraved oak plaques we made for the J.R.R Tolkien Trust, The Beatrix Potter foundation and the National Trust, you will see fine carved simple oak at its very best. MakeMeSomethingSpecial's personalised plaques are simply stunning. The best thing about these beautiful wooden wall plaques is that there is nothing we cannot engrave on them. As a unique wedding gift, 5th wedding anniversary gift or just because. It is the perfect way to show your favourite poems, quotes, or heartfelt messages to be displayed on your wall in your home adding a sense of place and personal feel to your home. Lyrics from your first dance or favourite song, uplifting family favourite quotes, perhaps Co-ordinates, showing the moment two people met to the place they exchanged vows. "WHERE IT ALL BEGAN".

Personalised Wooden Plaques For Awards

These personalised wooden plaques can also be used as beautiful personalised wooden awards. Every engraved wooden award plaque can be tailor-made to your requirements no matter what it entails, they will be made with great care and attention to detail. Take a look at our wooden awards page and if you have any questions about our personalised plaques, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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