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Large Live Edge Cutting Boards

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    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.
    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.
    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.
    This will be engraved underneath your chopping board.

19 reviews for Large Live Edge Cutting Boards

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  1. Client Review

    Thanks Ben,
    All received, it’s lovely! Really pleased with it.
    Thanks very much

  2. Client Review

    Your prompt reply and service much appreciated.
    The boards are beautiful!
    Merry Christmas
    Best regards.

  3. Client Review

    Hi Ben
    Really pleased with the board, thank you, just need to learn to cook like James Martin now I have his chopping board

  4. Client Review

    Thanks so much Ben. My sister has received the board in one piece and is delighted with it.
    Thank you again and kind regards.

  5. Client Review

    Hello Ben,
    Just to let you know the replacement board in the correct size has arrived today. It is beautifully made and finished,we are absolutely delighted with it. Your companies service since we advised you of the incorrect delivery has been excellent.The sign of a good company is how the react to problems.You pass with flying colours.
    Thanks so much.
    Mike & Judy

  6. Karen


    I haven’t seen it myself but I’m told the parcel arrived today.

    Can’t wait to see it myself over the next few days.

    Thank you. A really positive, sunny, top experience dealing with you.

    Good for you.


  7. Russell (verified owner)


    Just a quick note to say that the board arrived this morning and I am delighted.

    Thank you so much for your excellent service and have a wonderful Christmas.

    Best wishes


  8. Client Review

    Hi Ben
    Can I just say a huge thank you for my chopping block.
    It’s amazing and I’m sure my husband will love it.
    Thank you also for all your help with getting it to me on time.
    I really appreciate everything that you have done to help me.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year
    Kind regards

  9. Client Review

    Hi Ben
    The board has literally just been delivered!
    Looks great and size is perfect
    Many thanks for all your help. You’ve been great!
    My husband will be delighted with his gift

  10. Rachael

    Thank you it has arrived and I love it. I don’t want to chop on it now!!!


  11. Client Review

    Hi Ben,
    Thought I’d drop you a quick message to let you know my chopping board has just arrived and I absolutely LOVE it. Couldn’t have picked a better size if I’d been in your workshop myself. The finish is amazing, its so smooth and the grain of the wood is stunning.
    Thank you so much for making this for me, it will get lots of use and admired every day.
    Warmest regards

    Hi Ben,
    Happy for you to post the picture(s) on social media if you wish to and will also leave a Google review for you.
    Thanks again for the board, its fabulous :-)

  12. Client Review

    Hi Ben,
    The board arrived this morning. It looks fantastic. I’m sure my wife will be delighted with it.
    Kind regards,

  13. Jo

    Board arrived today, utterly utterly beautiful. Thrilled with it, and keep having to go and have a gawp at it!
    Thank you so much, will post photo with wedding cake in situ
    Kind regards

  14. Liz

    Hi there,

    I have just received my lovely wooden live edge board. It’s fabulous

    Many thanks
    Kind regards


  15. Liz (verified owner)

    Stunning Chopping Board, and smells lovely too! Really pleased with it, thanks.

  16. Client Review

    Hi Ben,
    Board arrived today. WOW…….. stunning.
    Many thanks I’m SO pleased with it
    Best regards

  17. Client Review

    Hi Ben,
    The board arrived this afternoon and it’s incredibly beautiful. My husband is putting it to good use as we speak! Thank you so much for your help in putting the finishing touch to our new kitchen. It is absolutely perfect.

    With best wishes and many, many thanks


  18. Ian

    My board. I absolutely love it . . . and now my cooking is better as well!
    Gonna buy one for my daughter when she has moved in the spring.
    Great job.

    many thanks,

  19. Client Review

    Hi Ben
    Many thanks for your email. Item arrived safely today. To say I am delighted with it is an understatement.

    Many thanks

Finish: All natural, Vegan rated, Food-safe Chopping Board oil

Aftercare: Product maintenance is very important. We recommend you continue to treat your product with our all natural food safe chopping board oil. Regular treatment will protect the timber and stop it drying out. This will also help to prevent staining, discolouration, cracking and warping. Our chopping board oil can be purchased on our website or over the phone.

About Single Piece Timber: Natural timber will always want to move. It’s going to expand and shrink as the temperature and humidity changes in your home and outside. As these are made from a huge 1-piece board, they are prone to some movement and developing splits and small cracks. Small clear rubber feet will be supplied for all our large live edge boards. We recommend you use these to allow air flow underneath the board to keep the chopping board from warping and stop it slipping on your kitchen worktop.

Never put your chopping board in a Dishwasher. Do not leave on a hot or damp surface or in direct sunlight. Never leave anything moist on your board like cheese for long periods of time.

About Live Edge: The natural live edge will include no bark. It is all removed at the sawmill or by us at the production stage. Bark will contain worm and other small insects that is why it is taken away. The remaining edge will show evidence of natural activity of woodworm and holes in the live edge and surrounding area. These will be filled by us during production using wood coloured wax. Any splits found in the board during manufacture will also be filled by us.

Do not store your product outside, in a garden shed or a garage.

If you need any help or advise on how to maintain your product please contact us or consult your care guide.

Design & Made: Handmade to order in the UK

Materials: Made from Solid English Oak


Board Thickness – 7cm

Board Depths – between 30cm – 40cm  &  40 – 50cm  (your board will be somewhere in the middle of these two dimensions)

Board Lengths – 50cm  –  70cm  –  100cm wide

Board Thickness – 7cm

Board Depths – between 30cm – 40cm  &  40 – 50cm  (your board will be somewhere in the middle of these two dimensions)

Board Lengths – 50cm  –  70cm  –  100cm wide

Product Description: Large Live Edge Cutting Boards

Looking for a massive chopping board and want that classic rustic natural tree bark edge..? Well, this is a serious chopping board for your kitchen. A real statement and huge food preparation area. These large wooden chopping boards are simply stunning. Handmade by our skilled craftsmen in our Hampshire workshop, these large natural edge cutting boards are the perfect gift for those who love to cook.

Our Large Wooden Chopping Boards:

Locally sourced from our nearby sawmill these large natural edge cutting boards are hand-selected by us for their natural beauty and then transformed into beautiful organic, rustic large wooden chopping boards with a silky smooth hand-sanded finish. Completely unique, these rustic oak chopping boards are all made to order, by hand and will vary in size and shape from board to board depending on the tree they were sawn from. These are really special oak chopping boards which will last you for years and years and years.

Concerning Bark:

Our Live Edge chopping boards will feature no bark along the live edge, just simply the natural edge with the bark removed. For two reasons, firstly because the bark is were insects and worms live, so best it is not included in with a kitchen preparation board. The other reason is that once the timber has been thoroughly dried in a kiln, the bark tends to fall off, if not during this process then later on once you begin using and washing the board. Due to using this specific part fo the tree, there will be signs of natural activity of woodworm and holes which add to the live edge beauty and uniqueness. (Please note there will be no living woodworm in the board)

Board Sizes:

Until recently we were able to source boards between 30cm and 40cm in depth. These were the largest we could find, which are still massive oak chopping boards and look fabulous sat on a kitchen worktop. However, due to demand, and MakeMeSomethingSpecial expanding as a company, we are now able to buy whole trees, giving us the flexibility to select out Crown boards that are enormous in size. Allowing us to get to 50cm in depth, sometimes even larger on a rare occasion. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the size you require.

All natural food safe oil:

All of our wooden chopping boards are treated with several coats of all natural Vegan rated food safe chopping board oil. There is nothing harmful in our oils, no hardeners or solvents, no bi-products, just 100% non-toxic natural plant based oils. Meaning our chopping boards are perfectly safe to use and we would have it no other way. This does mean aftercare and regular oiling is essential to keep your chopping board protected.

Personalise your live edge cutting board

These large live edge chopping boards are available blank or can also be personalised with your choice of words or lettering. Up to 40 characters on the square edge. Because these boards are so thick – 7cm, the lettering we will carve is huge and really deep – it looks amazing! You can also add carved symbols like hearts, stars and other engraved motifs like zodiac signs. Take a look at our engraving options available to you – Engraving options.

We can also engrave a secret or personal message for you on the underside of your rustic wooden chopping board, making it that little bit extra special. Something like a reading from your wedding day, a favourite poem or quote, something witty or just something secret you don’t want anyone else to see – but you know it’s there.


Board Thickness – 7cm

Board Depths – 30cm – 40cm  &  40 – 50cm (your board will be somewhere in the middle of these two dimensions)

Board Lengths – 50cm  –  70cm  –  100cm wide

Bespoke Sizes:

If you require a smaller or larger size chopping board, you only have to ask. If you want a deeper or wider board, we will always try to select something that will suit your needs.

Estimated Delivery Time:

These live edge wooden chopping boards are often delivered within 7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

Need something bespoke?

We are used to making something really special and take on a wide range of bespoke commissions please use the enquiry form on this page or call us on 01252 703 196 so that we can discuss your requirements.

Please Note:

Our Live edge boards are all made to order. All engravings are in capitals unless otherwise stated. For lower case lettering, this will need to be requested at point of order. All sizes are approximate, especially as this is a large, one-piece board, the width can be anywhere between 30cm and 40cm for the standard size and 40cm and 50cm for the X-Deep. Our large natural edge chopping boards will arrive with no bark still attached to the edge. The edge will be sanded smooth.

Please also be aware, as these are a 1 piece board, they are prone to some movement and can develop some small splits. There can also be evidence of some natural activity of woodworm and holes in the live edge. These will be filled by us using wood-coloured wax. Any splits found during manufacture will be filled by us. Small clear rubber feet will be supplied for all our large live edge boards. We recommend you use these to allow airflow underneath the board to keep the chopping board from warping.

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