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Handmade Wooden Dining Tables

Make Me Something Special’s stunning large handmade bespoke wooden dining tables 

Here in our Surrey Hills Workshop we create absolutely stunning products from the finest timbers the world has to offer. Our handcrafted hardwood dining tables really are something special! As we are able to buy whole trees, we have the flexibility of hand selecting out the widest and most flawless boards making the overall look and finish of the tabletops absolutely breathtaking. Each and every bespoke dining tabletop is carefully constructed, plank by plank, all completely by hand, to order, producing strikingly beautiful timeless dining tables of distinction.

Bespoke Oak Handmade Dining Tables To Meet Requirements

With size not being a problem, if you want a dining table to seat 6, to seat 8, to seat 10, to seat 12 or even seat 14 guests, we will have no issues achieving this for you, we can go as large as you need. We can even go extra wide in the width, allowing you to place two people at either end of your luxury dining table giving you that extra capacity should you need it, like on Christmas day. We can make our kitchen breakfast tables and dining tables up to 5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, larger if required.

handmade dining tables

Handmade Oak X-Frame Dining Tables

A elegant timeless table for every home or restaurant.

Handmade from welded Steel – our X-Frame table base is one of the most popular we produce. Part from visually being very striking but it also allow plenty of space for chairs or benches and leg ample leg room once you and your family or guests are sat at the table itself.

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Luxury Bespoke Tapered Frame Dining Tables

Strikingly beautiful dining tables of distinction

The tapered frame table base looks fantastic in either a dining room but very much at home as a breakfast table in a kitchen. The wooden table top feels completely suspended by the two solid legs on either side but the frame does has rails that run across the underside of the tabletop keeping everything very solid and sturdy.

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Solid Teak Outdoor Garden Tables

Sturdy, durable, high quality Garden Tables

If you need a sturdy outdoor table that is not going to fall apart in a short space of time – these solid Teak garden dining tables are seriously chunky and long lasting. Available in several sizes and with the option of adding our garden chairs you have the flexibility of creating a dining space in your garden for entertaining your family and friends that is both comfortable and beautiful.

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Carved Top Coffee Tables

Amazing carving set behind glass

Our sturdy solid oak coffee tables with recess surface carving. A very special and unforgettable focal point. We can engrave Crests, Coat of Arms, company logos, all carving to perfection in solid English Oak. The table top features a large recess area covers by custom made toughened glass, either in relief or engraved carving.

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Bespoke Handmade Coffee Tables

Handcrafted Flawless Solid Oak Coffee Tables

Beautiful handmade bespoke oak coffee tables, made to any size. We use stunning hand selected English Oak to create our exquisite table tops and set them onto pf traditionally joined solid oak table bases. All handcrafted in our Surrey Hill workshop to order.

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Engraved Oak Picnic Tables

Handmade English Oak Picnic Tables - like nothing you would seen before

Stunning handcrafted picnic tables for your garden. No expense is spared creating these incredible wooden bench tables. Built to last for years and years and can be personalised with you choice of words or lettering.

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