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Personalised Wooden Game Boards

Personalised traditional wooden game boards. Truly breathtaking craftsmanship! We have been keeping this under our hat for sometime until they were finally ready - and we are very proud to announce - here they are! Beautiful personalised wooden gifts of distinction. For many years we have been designing and creating our stunning engraved wooden gift range - not to mention being asked to create unique one-off pieces, like our personalised wooden chopping boards and tealight holders and so many others. However, we have now turned our attentions to classic wooden board games for your friends and family as well as yourself to enjoy and one day perhaps pass on. For me personally, there is nothing more fun and brings people together than a good old family board game, specially at Christmas or Game nights with friends. These unique and also personalised timeless classic game boards are absolutely stunning and will not be found anywhere on the market. Only true care and attention to detail is used, as well as the finest furniture grade timber goes into producing such stunning works of art. Our handmade wooden chess board alone takes several days to make, and many many hours of sanding and polishing before it is complete, not to mention, all 64 individual chess squares have to be individually cut and fitted one by one by hand. If you are a chess player or need to buy a gift for someone who loves chess, this is exactly the kind of quality board that is sure to impress, as well as personalised engraved lettering which makes it all that little bit more extra special and unique. Our personalised wooden Chess Boards really are something special! Another one of our handcrafted wooden game boards is our Solitaire board. Without a doubt - this is a good one! Made from the same Amish timber we construct our personalised chopping boards from these exquisite personalised wooden Solitaire boards are just stunning. You also have a choice of really beautiful marbles to add to your order, as well as semi-precious quartz marbles. Each marble is unique and will really complete your solitaire board in making it something unbelievably special. We also have our personalised wooden Mancala board game, our take on the world's oldest board game. A unique and beautiful handcrafted game board with personalised lettering and carved motifs, making it the perfect gift for wedding couples and other special occasions like 5th wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Unique glass gem stones can be added to your mandala board to complete the board game or you can use other objects of your own choice like shells or beads.

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