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Personalised Wooden Bookends

MakeMeSomethingSpecial's personalised oak bookends are absolutely beautiful. Designed with the correct height and weight in mind, these will easily hold a huge number of books together. Sold either individually or as a pair, these will make amazing gifts for those who love to read or have a nice collection of books. Whether you're buying for the bride and groom to be, to commemorate a 5th wedding anniversary, as a gift for a teacher or as a birthday present, these personalised wooden bookends are sure to please. But most of all they make the best gifts for children. For a newborn, a first birthday or for a Christening, a pair of engraved bookends will look fabulous in your child's bedroom or nursery holding together their favourite bedtime story books. Unlike any other bookends on the market, these are handcrafted from a solid piece of Prime Grade English Oak, sourced from no less than 20 miles away from our Surrey Hills workshop. They also come in American Black Walnut, brought in from our chosen Amish saw mills from the Appalachian Region of New England and Vermont. No matter which timber you choose, our wooden bookends are weighty, thick and solid. We hand make every single one from scratch to ensure they're of the highest quality. You then have the choice to personalise your chosen bookend with engraved letting. The front face is included in the price, but you then can add much more engraved lettering and beautiful carved motifs to the remaining three sides. Ideal for your favourite book quotes or poems or perhaps just one big initial. Whatever you wish to make your engraved bookends unique and personal to you. There is nothing quite like our personalised bookends anywhere. They're simply stunning and will last for years and years. If you have any question about our bookends, then please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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