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Wooden Welly Boot Holders

Welly holders like you've never seen before...

MakeMeSomethingSpecial's wooden welly boot holders are of the finest quality. Completely handmade from start to finish using only the very finest, hand picked, English Oak - we spare no expense when it comes to the construction and finish of these oak wellington boot holders. Whether you prefer a personalised wooden welly boot wall rack or oak boot stand, these attractive and stylish boot storage solutions will keep your porch, utility room or hallway clear of muddy boots whilst adding a personal feel to your home. The timber used to create these welly boot holders comes from our workshop in the Surrey Hills, just 20 miles away, across into the neighbouring county of West Sussex. Our chosen sawmill has a great selection of locally sourced English oak from a historic country estate. We hand select the right pieces, ready to be made into our perfect wooden welly boot racks. We spend a huge amount of time checking the quality of the joints, making sure everyone is nothing less than perfect. Both wooden boot holders are put together by hand, from scratch, using traditional joinery techniques. We then personalise the welly boot holders with an engraving of your choice. Of course, you don't have to have your boot stand personalised with engraved lettering at all. They still have the same elegance and charm as you would expect. The beauty is - if you do decide to customise your oak boot holder with engraved letting or carved motifs, you have the freedom to really make your wooden boot stand or rack completely unique. If you opt for the oak wall rack, you have plenty of space to add your chosen engraving along the top of the backboard. If you go for the oak stand, you can have engraved lettering on one or two sides of the base. Perfect for names on one side and a date on the other if you are thinking of a wedding gift or a 5th wedding anniversary gift for someone special. However, you can also engrave further letting on the welly boot uprights with individual names, so everyone knows who's boot goes where.

Personalised Wellies Holder

A few of our personalised favourites: 'THE HALL'S MUCKY BOOTS' / 'THE BOOT CAMP' / 'MUDDY WELLIES' / 'RADFORD FAMILY WELLIES' Both the wooden welly boot holders come in a choice of standard sizes. From as basic as two pairs of boots and on up to 10 pairs as standard... more if required. You can then configure your choice of adult and child sized uprights when choosing the wellington boot floor stand. For our wall racks, these feature chunky, over-sized oak dowels to hold onto and support your boots - be it children's or adult's size footwear. The large boot holders work perfectly for hotels, guest houses and schools. We have now added wellington boot storage boxes to our selection - ideal for the home to keep your hallway free from loose shoes and boots. It makes a great place to sit and put your boots on when you're on your way out of the house. They can be personalised on the front face and lid, inside and on top and features beautiful dovetail joints and soft-close safety hinges. When it comes to choosing a beautiful boot storage stand or welly rack - MakeMeSomethingSpecial's wooden welly boot holders are the finest on the market.

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