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Personalised Gifts for Pets

As well as gifts for your family members and friends, MakeMeSomethingSpecial also has a range of personalised gifts for pets which caters for the cats and dogs in our life. Our personalised wooden pet bowls are like no another pet bowls  you will find on the market. Handcrafted from solid English oak and available in several standard sizes, you will have no problem choosing the one that is right for your pet. We can make these stunning pet feeding bowls to order if you need more bowls, especially if you have more than one animal to feed.

For hanging up your dog leads, we have personalised wooden dog lead holders which can be made to hold one or more individual leads. Make it special with your dog's name engraved over each one. All of our personalised wooden gifts for pets feature personalised engraving, perfect for your dogs and cats names. You can also add special little touches like carved paw prints or hearts to your pet's gift.

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