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Personalised Garden Swings

MakeMeSomethingSpecial's personalised wooden garden swings are absolutely stunning. We have a great selection of swings to suit all ages, gardens and budgets, so if you're looking to add some fun to your garden, you will enjoy the gentle breeze and sunshine sat on your very own personalised wooden swing. Each of these engraved wooden garden swings are handmade from a single piece of air dried Prime A English Oak, which means the swing seat timber is perfectly seasoned and adjusted for outdoor conditions, and comes with 5 meters of synthetic hemp rope - a marine quality man-made rope, which unlike natural rope, won't swell, shrink or rot, so you won't ever need to take down your beloved tree swing to replace it.

Personalised Wooden Garden Swings

Each and every engraved wooden swing we make is created with care in our Surrey Hills workshop to order. Nothing is on the shelf or mass-produced. Our timber comes from only 20 miles away in West Sussex to which we hand select everything to ensure the quality is as good as it can be. We then spend a great deal of time sanding and shaping the wooden swing seat until it is perfect and silky smooth to the touch. Next we add the rope, which we personally splice on or tie a feature knot depending on the swing. For children, we have the perfect personalised oak garden swings that will suit boys and girls as little as 3 years and upwards. This particular swing was featured in The Independent as one of the 'Top 10' all time best Christening gifts'. Our children's swing is an ideal size for a child's first swing. It has two lengths of rope attached, making it stable and comfortable and is perfect for teaching them how to get going to start to swing.

Round Oak Wood Swing

Our round oak swing will suit young children and will see them through to adulthood. As will our very popular oak Monkey Swing. Both of these single line oak rope swings are such fun to use by both adults and children. They're perfect for spinning round on and having great fun. They also work really well on zip lines and tree houses. They come with your choice of personalised engraving which transforms them into the best Christening presents or birthday gifts. We also have some brilliant standard engravings such as "SWINGING ON A STAR" and "CAN'T CATCH ME" but you may also like 'HIGHER & HIGHER' or 'UP UP & AWAY' Wooden Garden Swings by MakeMeSomethingSpecial For adults, we have our twin rope personalised garden swings, our large wooden garden swings and a two seater double swing for couples and newly-weds. These beautifully put together personalised swing seats are made with comfort as well as elegance in mind. They are very comfortable whether you are gently sat in thought or flying through the air. These oak swings do make stunning wedding gifts, 5th anniversary gifts and Christmas gifts. As with all of our garden swings you can engrave names, dates, co-ordinates, poems and quotes - it's completely up to you. We also have a great selection of marine quality, stainless steel tree swing fittings to aid attaching your tree swing to the tree branch and help adjust and remove it for maintenance and storage throughout the winter months.

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