Carved Symbols and Zodiac Star Signs

Personalised little extras…

On nearly every product we currently make here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, you can have so much more than just engraved text. It’s all about making your personalised wooden gift that bit more special and unique to you.

The best thing is, we are very flexible about what you are able to do with one of our personalised wooden gifts. As far as we are concerned, there are no limits and we will always do our best to make these ideas come to life.

Take a look at some of these extra special options available to you.

Carved Zodiac Star Signs:

We think these are such a classic addition to one of our wooden gifts. If you are personalising a gift and are choosing names and dates, take the christening block for example, child’s name on one side, date of birth on the next, baby weight, time of birth – and now Star signs are one of the options available. Weather you believe it has any bearing on your life or not it is still part of your identity. It adds another dimension to your personalised present and that is what makes it special and unique – just like the receiver.

Zodiac dates:

Aquarius:  21 January ~ 19 February

Pisces:  20 February ~ 20 March

Aries:  21 March ~ 20 April

Taurus:  21 April ~ 21 May

Gemini:  22 May ~ 21 June

Cancer:  22 June ~ 22 July

Leo:  23 July ~ 23 August

Virgo:  24 August ~ 23 September

Libra:  24 September ~ 23 October

Scorpio:  24 October ~ 22 November

Sagittarious:  23 November ~ 21 December

Capricorn:  22 December ~ 20 January

What our engraved star signs look like:

Carved Hearts:

These 3D carved heart motifs are very beautiful and elegant. They add that special touch without having to write it in text. If you are looking to show someone you love them, a carved heart works so well. So simple and easy to add onto your order and it doesn’t decrease your engraved text allowance.

You don’t have to settle on the edge of your chosen wooden gift, you can add the carved heart to other places on the product such as underneath or on the surface.

We can also engrave 2D hearts as well as multiple heart motifs.


We can also add hearts within text like ‘LOVE’ for example.

Carved Stars:

Something very popular with our handmade wooden toy boxes.

Our carved stars look fantastic, doesn’t matter which product you choose. They can be scaled up to any size needed, they are deep, sharp and crisp in appearance. As with our carved hearts, these stunning engraved motifs are very much 3D and look stunning.

These are often chosen to be carved on our wooden tea light holders, wooden desk organisers and iPhone stands. Instead of a carved initial, a large star looks very good.

These little extra touches look just fantastic no matter which personalised wooden gift you chose. You will be very impressed with the quality on the finish.

If you would like to talk to us regarding any of the carved symbols we offer, please either email us via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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