Personalised Curved Wooden Bench with Hand Carving

| 5th Oct

Take a look at this very special curved wooden bench!

When it come to our beautiful personalised wooden gifts for weddings and 5th wedding anniversaries, we often get asked – how do we engrave our products, is it by hand or by machine?

The truth is… we use both! We have actually invented our own way of engraving in wood. We start with a machine to get the uniform size and consistency, then go in afterwards by hand and sharpen it all up, like the serifs, to give a hand carved feel to our lettering. The effect is very striking and completely unique to us.

But, when it comes to more complicated products, like this half circle curved bench for example, we have to take a different engraving approach. Curved surfaces are very tricky, but if the client needs the product personalising, it’s time to grab the carving tools and a pencil and do it the old fashioned way.

The first thing we do is stencil out the lettering onto the surface, which can be done in a variety of ways. This gives us a nice boundary to work inside of.

From here, there is nothing left to do but cut into the timber. The first cut is always the most frightening! The point of no return!

But once that moment passes, a state of sheer concentration enables us to work seamlessly through the lettering. If you’re looking for a therapeutic way to calm your mind or looking for a new way to meditate – you have to try this.

The trick then is to stay in the lines and let the tools do the work. With the right carving tools on hand, things like depth of letter are easy to achieve.

With the assitance of smaller tools, we’re able to get into the finer detail, such as turns and sharpening detailed areas…

We can then use larger tools for getting accurate straight cuts and setting depths.

From there, we go from one letter to another, using the same techniques to cut and shape the lettering.

The finish is a pleasing sight. To stand back and look upon the finished work is a moment of real satisfaction. Hand-cut lettering is never as clean as when it is done by machine but machine lettering is generally lifeless and never has that raw feel and handmade look. Hence the combination of the two we designed.

The product can then be sanded and finished. Paint, vanish, oil or whatever else you are planning to use can be applied. V-shape lettering exposes the grain of the timber in a different direction to the cross grain of a flat surface, so don’t think just leaving it or adding oil to the product will not be enough to make the lettering stand out. This bench we made had no finish, just left natural and as you can see, the lettering is very visible.

The great thing about a curved surface, especially a bench, is the smooth continuous look of it. It softens the product and seems more inviting to sit down and enjoy it.

In a private garden or in a public seating area, this type of bench would make such a beautiful feature. You will no doubt see one of benches pop up here and there around the UK. Our range of traditional wooden benches is always growing.

This bench can easily take 6, if not 8 people, conformably. It is sturdy and chunky in design, in the same construction as our personalised memorial benches.

Our 3 – 4 Seater Engraved Memorial Bench:

The uprights and frame structure of this personalised wooden bench are built using traditional techniques. The Mortise and Tenon joints cover any fixing points, making the joins smooth and uninterrupted, with wooden dowels being used instead of bolts or screws.

Engraved wooden benches of this quality are wonderful and the craftsmanship really speaks for itself. We make several styles of bench and the range is always growing. Bespoke benches like this are often commissions we take on and enjoy nothing more then to do something different.

It is all about the quality. Little detail and optional extras is where we come into our own. You also end up with a wooden gift or product that no one else has. Made to order wooden benches like this for example you are not going to see in a garden centre or going cheep on eBay. This is not a bargain product. You are paying for quality with us and you will receive a product that will last for many many years if well cared for.

Attention to detail is our motto here. We have never changed from when we began to right now. Great craftsmanship is what we are all about and I like nothing more than to see one of great engraved wooden products going out the door and know it is going to loved and enjoyed.

MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s personalised wooden garden benches are stunning. If you are looking for something unique or made to order, we can do this for you. Our bespoke side of our production is at your service.

One completed circular bench seat with hand carved engraving.

Have your own garden bench custom made

If you like the look of these benches and you think one similar would look good in your own garden, get in touch with us to discuss what kind of things we can do for you. Call us directly on the number above or send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

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