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  • Magpie Muders, Did you see us on TV?

    Another random night we decide to sit down switch off and watch something new on the TV and then we see one of our oak free-standing oak signs we made a few months back, not knowing where it would end up at the time, it’s 45 seconds into this clip if you are interested. Also tune into the show on…

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  • George Clarke’s Old House, New Home & A Nice Chopping Board

    We have been on TV recently, first, it was in Unforgotten with our memorial marker and now with George Clarke on his latest Old House New Home series, well series 9 Episode 2, where he deployed his latest skills and expertise in helping Jasmin and Liam’s big Edwardian Home renovation in Hove. We are quite big George Clarke fans so…

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  • Unforgotten, Did you see us on TV?

    Imagine our suprise when sitting down to watch the final part of Unforgotton on ITV catch up and then you notice a memorial post we made and were totally not aware that it was aactually purchased for that particular scene in the closing credits. It’s quite amazing and nice to see one of our creations on a TV show, especially…

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  • Take a look inside our workshop… (Video)

    You’ve seen our products before, but never like this. Take a look at this short video for a sneak peek inside the workshop of MakeMeSomethingSpecial. Personalised Wooden Gifts from Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we hand-craft special and unique gifts from the finest timber in the world, and personalise them for you and your loved ones. You won’t find personalised…

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