Bespoke Wall Plaque for The Beatrix Potter Foundation

| 19th Sep

Here’s one commission I simply have to tell you about… The unique wooden engraved wall plaque we made for the Beatrix Potter Foundation.

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You can’t beat a really good quality oak wall plaque. We have made thousands of them to date from back when we first began in 2007. It is a product we are very passionate about and have spent a good deal of time perfecting.

In our Recent Commissions Blog, you’ll see many bespoke works we have created over the years. Some are for prestigious companies like ARM and Google, Emma Bridgewater and Yeo Valley. Others for well known establishments like The Goring, The Ritz and Luxury Family Hotels. We’ve also produced bespoke plaques for a number of well-known celebrities, most of which we unfortunately cannot mention; and, of course, foundations and trusts like the this one.

Though our portfolio is growing on a daily basis, we never forget the fact that it makes no difference in terms of the manufacturing process who the order is for – the finished product is always the same… and that is the highest quality.

The timber we use is nothing less than the very best the world has to offer, and our engraving is second to nobody, with our finish being simply breathtaking.

We do like to show off our special bespoke plaques and awards we have made. MakeMeSomethingSpecial is, after all, about making special things. But it’s not just the big names we voice about.

We have also made breathtaking personalised wooden gifts for our customers. Like this stunning oak plaque with engraved wording and carved daisy motif:

Beautiful and beyond compare.

Or this, a carved acorn and oak leaf motif.

An amazing carving – one we did many years ago and still receive enquiries about. This was featured on a green burial marker on a natural edge plaque on two oak posts.

Another excellent example of a similar product is our oak grave marker. A Waney Edge single post sign with carved redwood tree and engraved lettering. We do make things properly here. Huge oak posts that will last for years to come and a plaque that looks fantastic. The redwood tree motif is just stunning and looks even better in the flesh.

Back to the Beatrix Potter foundation. A wooden memorial plaque of distinction. We like nothing more than producing a really high quality bespoke wall plaque. You will not be disappointed with the quality. MakeMeSomethingSpecial strive to produce the very finest products we possibly can. I guarantee it will be special! 

If you want to discuss ordering a oak or walnut memorial plaque, then please contact us. You can see our other wooden wall plaques here.

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