Recent Commissions

  • Logo Carved in Wood

    One thing we offer here at Make Me Something Special is a manner of carved symbols and images. We have several set as standard ready to add to the product of your choice, but there is always room for special touches of your own. Take a look at this recent commissioned personalised wooden chopping board. It featured our special message…

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  • 5th Anniversary Wall Plaques

    Here was have some examples of our new 5th wedding anniversary wall plaques. These stunning solid English Oak personalised wall plaques make the best for your wife or husband on your 5th anniversary. Shop for Plaques So simply yet so effective. We have set out the first few lines, 5 YEARS MARRIED / DAYS / HOURS & MINUTES which can…

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  • Handmade Wooden Board Games

    We are often asked to make Mancala board games and its not hard to see why, they are such a great family game, any age can play. This is a traditional African board game, some historians believe the oldest game in the world. There are hundreds of different variations to the basic game Mancala, this particular board is know as a…

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  • Personalised Round Wooden Plaque

    These personalised round wooden plaques make a great addition to a family home in literally any room you put them in. Plus, they have so many personalised engraving options for you to add in order to make them truly personal and unique.  You can add dates, names, and if you want to buy this gift for someone you really love,…

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  • Commemorative Wooden Plaque Awards

    We very recently were commissioned to make some very special engraved wooden awards, for The Big Launch, sister company to The Eden Project, Cornwall. The eight handcrafted wooden award bowls or plaques were for eight carefully selected people, who have made a real effort bringing their communities closer together in connection with the Big Lunch initiative, to be awarded by HRH…

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