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| 30th Aug

One thing we offer here at Make Me Something Special is a manner of carved symbols and images. We have several set as standard ready to add to the product of your choice, but there is always room for special touches of your own.

Take a look at this recent commissioned personalised wooden chopping board. It featured our special message on the underside of the chopping board, seen here in our Amish American White Oak.


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As you can see, the chopping boards engraved text had a reference to friends leaving footprints on your heart. The customer asked if we can cut a heart motif which had a footprint inside.

I have to say, it came out perfectly. Deeply carved and very elegant.


Another recent carving was the New Zealand Fern Motif. We had to carve this onto a waney edge board to create a memorial plaque.

The Fern had to be large and deeply carved along with the text.


It was important  that the fern was an exact representation of the original motif. The engraved lettering perfectly placed and entered within the board. Then finished until perfectly smooth.

Our engraving is always cut to perfection. Every letter crisp and sharp. One thing we say to customers is, look very closely at our images if you choosing between us and another company. We show everything close up, as much as possible and hide nothing. You will not find engraved personalised lettering cut so perfect in detail like ours, no matter which timber, size, shape or product you choose, we will make sure it is perfect every time.

engraved-new-zealand-fern-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk carved-wooden-memorial-plaques-uk-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk

Another smaller wooden gift we recently did was one of wooden ring boxes which featured a carved owl symbol – The Greek God – Athena.


This symbol was no bigger then a 10 pence piece but the detail is there. Cut with precision, we take as much care even at this scale.


The oak ring box also featured engraved lettering on the underside of the lid. This is something, we are told, people don’t expect when they receive this gift. They see the carved top but have no idea the underside will feature a name, date or message.

handmade-wooden-ring-boxes-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukpersonalised-small-wooden-box-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukWe even engraved the front of the box if you prefer and can include carved motif such as carved hearts, stars, symbols etc…

engraved-wooden-ring-box-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukThe last commission I want to show is a recent commemorative reward plaque, made for ‘Love British Food’

Not only did he plaque have a carved heart shaped union jack symbol as part of the logo but, if you look really closely, a knife and fork in the two ‘oo’ in the word ‘food’. I want to draw you attention to the logos and how exact they are. One thing we are very good at is reproducing a logo or image in timber as if it had been drawn there.

The plaque featured the award winner text along with both ‘Love British Food and the Telegraph logos. The plaque was made from one piece solid English oak and finished to perfection as always.


If you are looking for a company who specialise in carving images or logos in wood, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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