Carved Crest in an Oak Table:

Want to see something special?

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

This truly stunning carved school crest was carved inside one of our handmade solid oak tables. It was made completely from scratch, by hand, in our Surrey Hills workshop.

The table was commissioned by a local private school Barrow Hills School in Witley, Surrey, and is to be their focus entrance centre piece in the main school visitor entrance hall.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

The table itself is constructed from solid English Oak and measured 1.3meters long and 75cm wide.

The top, like our handmade chopping boards, is made from full length super stave piece jointed together to form a huge 4.5cm thick hard-wearing counter top, very similar to a good quality hand-crafted oak worktop you would find in a beautifully hand-crafted kitchen.

We then set to work routing away the massive central area. The crest is actually part of the wood making up the table top – not a separate piece of timber. You take away all the wood or waste around the crest, we went down 3.5cm leaving a mound in the centre ready to be carved into the crest and banner.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

As you can clearly see, the grain flows right across the entire crest area making the end result very striking indeed. Even thought the table top is 4.5cm thick, what is left below the crest is only 1cm. All the rest of the timber has been removed. The crest, at its highest point measures around 2.5cm which would be the largest bump of the tree blossom.

The whole thing took roughly 3 days to carve.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

The idea was to then have this wooden masterpiece set behind toughened safety glass, so you could actually sit down on top of it, keep it dust free and well protected. Personally, I think it also enhances the want to touch it or just stand and stare at it, like an ornament in a display cabinet.

We cut a very small recess of 5mm around the crest area and 6mm deep to take a 6mm piece of glass precisely so it would be perfectly flat across the table top.

The fit was perfect and only had a 2mm tolerance around the whole area. You couldn’t put a credit card between the glass and oak tabletop.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from makemesomethingspecial.comEngraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

The table frame was made in exactly the same way as our new and beautiful hand-crafted solid oak coffee tables. The legs are 10cm thick, square in shape and feature fix-less bracing bars that run between the legs making up the frame. You can see no joints, no fixings, no screw heads anywhere. It is just stunning joinery at its best.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

The shelf beneath the tabletop, for magazines and other such items, was again made from super stave solid oak pieces and joined together to make a large sheet 20mm thick. Again, as with the frame, there are no fixings or screws at all. The shelf is set into the legs and held there under tension and fits perfectly.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

Last was the engraved text, which fits into the banner. Anyone who has seen our personalised wooden gift range knows we are very good at this.

“AD MAJORA PARAMUR” follows the shape of the banner and looks just fantastic. By the way, ‘ad majora paramur’ is Latin for ‘to provide greater’.

Though, as fantastic as it is, the tree and its roots, back and foreground is just breathtaking. You just want to touch it, it is so nice to do just that and the natural beauty of the timber gives it such depth and character.

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

Engraved Crest in an Oak Tables from

You have to agree – it is something very special!

This has to be one of the very best bespoke wooden projects we have created and definitely tested our craftsmanship to the limit. As with all these things – just getting stuck into something like this and standing back once it is complete – looking at what you have created – especially the look on the customers faces – it is an awesome feeling. Pride, I guess!

It does make me laugh! A small group of craftsmen in a small workshop in the Surrey Hills creating something this good from a few pieces of sawn timber… and some sand.

Personalised wine box:

For this special commission we had to dabble in the art of fine box making.

This beautiful oak wine box features a jewellery box style sliding catch as well as stunning stop hinges. The oak itself is handcrafted from prime A oak and constructed with dovetail joints on both box as well as the lid.

The oak wine box had to hold three bottles securely, we fitted some good strong oak bracing with support cut outs for the bottle necks.

The most important thing, however, was this beautiful wine bottle box hand to have personalised engraving. The top of the lid had three large carved initials and inside, underneath the lid, we carved a special saying.

Our customers review:

Thank you so much! The box is super! The wine bottles fitted well and I gave it to the birthday boy this morning. He wept.
Please could you pass on my sincere thanks to the team for pulling this off. I will be spreading the word about your fabulous business, its excellent craftsmanship and the above & beyond approach to customer service.
Worth every penny and be assured that I’ll be back for more.
Very sincerely, 

Singer sewing machine table top:

This does look absolutely stunning. I love these beautiful old singer sewing machines. This is one of those bespoke orders that is a delight to make.

Our customers review:

Hi Ben

Thank you so very much for your beautiful work of art we were absolutely thrilled to bits it is perfect it is a fitting tribute to my dad as he was a carpenter and joiner and like you a perfectionist he would be thrilled also and today would have been his 74th birthday so it was perfect timing there were some tears in the house when it arrived because of how beautiful it is as soon as my husband comes home we will send you a photo to show you how beautiful it looks on its base thankyou once again for making us something so special

regards Lesley

Personalised Chopping Board Wall Bracket:

This was ordered by a customer who purchased a bespoke large heart chopping board with engraved family names around the edge. Funnily enough this board has been featured on our Recent Commissions page – sixth from the bottom – and was made around 12 months ago.

personalised engraved solid oak heart shaped chopping board

Our customer wanted to display her chopping board by attaching it to the wall of her kitchen and called us to see if we could come up with any ideas. We created a raised bracket for the heart chopping board to slide behind and is held in place by two wedges on either side which fit the hearts profile edge perfectly. As we were the ones who made the heart originally, we knew exactly what shape the wedges needed to be.

Our customer very kindly sent us an image of the personalised wall bracket in place. I have to say – it looks fantastic!

personalised chopping board wall bracket

Green Burial Grave Marker:

This was commissioned by a lady to mark her husbands green burial resting place.

If you not familiar with green or natural burials, they are a very environmentally friendly and a greener alliterative to a conventional church burial. Coffins are made of biodegradable cardboard, papier maché or wicker caskets and the graveyard is more a nature reserve or picnic site, amongst the tree, wild flowers, birds, bees and wildlife.

Another thing about Green burials is there is no headstone, some people choose to plant a tree or have a wooden plaque made, it’s all about keeping the grave site as natural as possible.

This was one of the slowest made and carefully undertaken projects I have ever produced.

The gentle this has been made for was a carver of wood. We were sent a picture of one of his natural looking wooden signs and had to keep it as close to this as possible.

The whole thing is handcrafted from true English Oak, the Waney edge is left on to add to the natural feel of the whole green burial feel, and is mounted on 10cm thick posts or legs. Even thought it looks quite tall, 12 inches of the legs are going into the ground, this is just lent against a tree for our images, but you get the idea.

We were given the wording to carve, which is as seen, however, we were also asked to carve a motif to give the wooden burial plaque some extra detail. As the gentleman was a wood-carver, the lady wanted an oak leaf and acorns as a tribute.

We set to work, looking at images on google, going over our drawings and previous acorn carvings we had already done in the past. We wanted this to be really good!

We arranged a small collection of acorns and a leaf, like an artist’s drawing still-life we caved out a stunning picture.

I absolutely love what we have achieved here! It’s gorgeous! As natural as possible and I think we did just that.

The legs are not just bolted to the plaque either, we carved out a section of the legs so the plaque actuarially sits within the legs, making this very stable. The bolt holes are also covered by oak plugs.

This is a stunning example of Make Me Something Special’s hard-working craftsmen at their best.

Engraved wooden display box:

This was designed to hold six books with easy removal. A neat and stylish way to display books and very clear with our engraved lettering to help yourself.

Handmade to solid oak by professional craftsmen, this stunning oak display box features some wonderfully detailed carving. These display boxes would work perfectly to house a small quantity of books right up to a large collection in a library. I think it is just beautiful.

Personalised small wooden box:

This small engraved wooden box is carved from a single piece of solid English Oak. As we do with all of our personalised wooden gifts, we hand select very good quality pieces of English Oak, making sure it is clean and defect free.

The lid is also solid oak and has a 1mm tolerance with the box section – the fit is perfect.

Personalised Oak Tea Light Candle Holder:

This is one of our bespoke personalised tea light candle holders but engraved with Hebrew. A customer need it as a gift for her boss and wanted it very urgently. We are used to this kind of demand at Make Me Something Special and if possible always prepared to go that extra mile to make sure it happens.

I have to say – this wooden tea light holders engraved lettering came out very well as we were able to carve the inscription really deep because of the style of the lettering. It really did have a first class look even though we have never done anything quite like it before. A fabulous job all round!

MakeMeSomethingSpecial Policy: Even if we are on tight deadline – we will always take extreme care when making any bespoke or standard product order.

We did as promised deliver the finished article in time and finished with our usual glass tea light inserts. (not shown in the image)

Our Customer review:

Wood You believe it?
Yes we wood!

Ben & Davina,
Thank you so much for creating the most truly stunning birthday present, the tealight holder with Happy Birthday in Hebrew!
It shocked, amazed, delighted, and was adored by everyone who saw it last night!

It had been an absolute pleasure buying from you, you never once made me feel anything other than special in my request for something out of the ordinary.

From the moment I rang and asked if it would be possible you went out of your way to make it happen, a very special service not afforded many customers nowadays.

I cannot wait until I buy more presents and give them to family and friends whom will be as equally delighted as my friend was last night when she opened her present!

Thanks again

Kind regards

Kathy Gallagher

Personalised Wooden Button Stool:

This stunning little handcrafted child’s wooden stool is one of those products we just want to make more of. I love to make children’s gifts and Christening gifts like our personalised wooden toy box, our stand along engraved oak letters and baptism blocks. There is something truly special about a wooden product that is going to used by children which they will grow up with and maybe even pass onto their children – it’s wonderful!

Three legs too – all little wooden stools have to have three legs. We can engrave these stool on the seat surface with names, dates, or poems or classic snippets from nursery rhymes such as Goldilocks & the three bears – Ah, this chair is just right! – or/and –  Who’s been sitting on my seat?

This is something we are going to have to add to our product range, I really want to make more of these beautiful traditional looking wooden stools with personalised engraving. If you like this little stool and would like to order one please do contact us.

Large Twin Chopping / Carving Board:

This has to be the largest chopping board we have ever made!

bespoke-chopping-boards-uk-makemesomethingspecial.comIt really is one serious oak kitchen board!

This is based on our unique twin lipped edge chopping board with carving board on the reverse side, except this absolutely stunning worktop saver has the lips on the width edge instead of the length.


lipped-chopping-board-made-to-measure-makemesomethingspecial.comIt was specially commissioned by a customer who wanted it to span the whole width of his dining table. He then wanted to lay out a buffet for his guests for them to help themselves.

Imagine the Tapas bowls and pans, breads, olives, dips – This would be the ultimate Antipasti serving board. Then, when all is finished wipe it down – amazing!

However, just as our twin lipped chopping board has the two work surfaces… so does this! Except this carving board is a twin.

This is basically the size of two of our large oak carving boards back to back, so the obvious thing to do was to double up the juice grooves by having them run in both directions, keeping the carving area juice free for cutting – no splashing! With this in mind, this carving board’s collecting Wells have been increased in size to hold more meat juices whilst the meat selections are being carved.

bespoke-oak-carving-board-makemesomethingspecial.comI have to say, a wooden cutting board of these proportions really will be an excellent serving platform for a meat or barbecue feast. If you were holding a special occasion gathering in your home, when it comes to feed everyone you can place everything on board and just let everyone help themselves. This board is going to hold a lot of meat – what a feast it will be!

handmade-taylor-made-cutting-board-makemesomethingspecial.comBespoke oak chopping boards like this are fun to create, It ‘s nice to be challenged in this way as it keeps the imagination cogs turning.

Our customer review:

Ben, Davina,

I am just back from a long weekend away and have this minute unwrapped the board. It is stunning and suits the room, and most importantly the table, beautifully.

Thank you so very much. This is precisely what I had in mind and you have genuinely made me something special.

I will take some photos and send them to you.

Thank you again. I am thrilled. When you get a moment I’d also like to order a magnetic board for my knives.



Thank you for the order and I hope you enjoy using this huge wooden chopping board!

Lipped Edge Walnut End Grain Chopping Board:

I do love end grain chopping boards – especially in Walnut.

If you have an oak worktop in your kitchen, Walnut makes such a nice contrast against the oak. If you are going to have a focus work point in your kitchen for chopping and general food preparation, I would definitely recommend a good butcher block end grain chopping board.

lipped-end-grain-chopping-board-makemesomethingspecial.comEnd grain is very hygienic, any good butcher will tell you. They are extremely hard-wearing and kinder to knife blades. I think they are also very beautiful and add an elegance to you kitchen.

walnut-end-grain-chopping-board-uk-makemesomethingspecial.comThis bespoke wood chopping board has a lipped edge to hold fast to your worktop. We have made plenty of lipped edge chopping boards in long grain but I have never made one in end grain before. Now I have – It’s one of those things when you think – why not! – it’s a really good idea.

bespoke-end-grain-chopping-board-makemesomethingspecial.comMy choice for a chopping block is defiantly end grain, I think it is a man thing – Davina prefers long grain – each to their own. But I will say that both types of cutting board work very well for food preparation. Both hygienic, long-lasting, self-healing, eco-friendly, kinder to knives and nicer to work on than either plastic, glass or granite.

Wooden chopping boards are the best and always will be!

Tailor-made personalised oak desk tidy:

This is derived from our standard personalised oak desk tidy which has the same amount of grooves and compartments for all your notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and stationary. This desk organiser, however, was made to fit tablets and notebooks with their productive covers still on.

We are often asked to slightly alter our designs to accommodate our customers specific needs and we are more than happy to oblige. That is what make us as a company and our products special!

Personalised for a 5th wedding anniversary gift our wooden desk tidies, handmade in our Surrey Hills workshop, make a beautiful and thoughtful present that will be treasured for years to come.

and will always be remembered on what occasion it was given…

Very Large Worktop Saver with Lipped edge:

This is one big wooden chopping board.

You can cut a lot of stuff on this chopping board and still have room for a sunday lunch or two to prep. Of course, this is our uniquely designed twin lipped chopping board – so when family gather, you can lift and flip it over to reveal a stunning carving board with juice grooves and well to catch all of those delicious juices.

This is the biggest carving board we have made to date and to give you some idea of how big this really is – this is one of our regular personalised oak carving boards with poring spout which is easily big enough to carve a turkey on.

The grooves and well have been increased in size to keep things in proportion and also to cope with additional drainage if this board is used to its full capacity.

No engraving on this bespoke chopping board and it is not always needed. The highly prized quality timber we use means anything we make is going to stand out. Just take a good look at the grain – you don’t need words to draw your attention – eyes will a naturally find it when you have something this stunning in your kitchen.

However, if anyone was to order a kitchen board from us without engraving and change their mind later on – don’t worry, we can alway add engraved text later.

Wedding Anniversary Gift:

We were asked to make a round oak candle holder to hold a large candle.

This was as always, handmade in our Surrey Hills workshop to order along with many other bespoke project we are working on.

The candle base is English Oak and size was dictated by the amount of engraved lettering on the surface.

This was much larger compared to our regular oak tea light candle holder but the candle itself that this wooden base was intended for had some decorative detail so we had to keep the round candle pocket fairly shallow.

It is very beautiful and I love the inscription.

Candle holders do make beautiful gifts and tailor made designs is something we enjoy doing and we do get a great deal of satisfaction that a customer has come to us and said – “Can you make this for me?” – and we say 99.9 times out of ten – “Yes – of course we can!”

Personalised Oak Wall Plaque:

This special order was commission by a lady for her and her husbands fifth wedding anniversary. It was made in the same way as our personalised chopping boards (three pieces of wood joined together) this is for added strength and durability except this particular board was made from English Oak. You are going to have to look hard to find the joins.

This is a really solid piece of wall art in oak. We engraved a poem, as requested, carving very small lettering in the oak. Cutting each letter perfectly and consistently across the face, using a very fine, custom-made diamond cutter. It’s amazing, these letters are no bigger then 5mm tall and yet so clear to read even at a distance.

It fits to the wall using our discreet invisible screw head fixings, so once up, it appears to be floating, just like one our house signs or floating shelves – no fittings on show.

luxury-handmade-gifts-makemesomethingspecial.comNotice the light streaks in the timber. These are called medullary Rays, these are the characteristics of Quarter Sawn Oak. This means the oak has been cut in a very specific way to keep the oak as stable as possible even if it is exposed to moisture. It is very expensive and extremely high quality! If you see these blonde streaks in oak on the face edge – you know immediately this is very high quality, generally used by furniture makers.

luxury-personalsed-gifts-uk-makemesomethingspecial.comNo ones engraving looks quite like ours. It is a combination of machine and hand engraving, combined with very high quality timbers, skilled craftsmen and custom-made cutters that give such spectacular results. Honestly if you really want to see if you are getting something very special take a good look at the images, we hide nothing and are proud of what we produce and it does show, especially at such a close distance.

Customer’s feed back:

Hi Davina,

My board arrived this morning, thanks so much for getting it here for my anniversary.

That really was 5 star customer service, you did everything you promised and in such a short space of time.

Thanks again.

Handmade End Grain Chopping Board:

This interesting handmade End Grain Chopping Board was made by one of our talented carpenters for his partner. It isn’t commission per say, but I think it’s one that should be admired because this was constructed by nothing more than off-cuts.

We have a large wicker basket in our workshop that gets filled with worthless, unwanted off cuts, either full of notes or cracks or just too small to be use to construct one of personalised product.

I have to say – I was impressed.

He asked if he could sift through the basket and use whatever he could find. Not a problem as far as I was concerned, we are not a company that throws away good timber and we recycle all of our waste, there was nothing worth using in there – unless… you are prepared to spend a very long time cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting and re-cutting little bits of oak until you have anything of use. He did!

Amazing – it was a labour of love and just goes to show what you can achieve once you set your mind to it. This beautiful handmade end grain butcher’s block chopping board is made from a mixture of American White and English Oak with a little American Black Walnut. We all thought he would not find enough good quality material and he was wasting his time – how wrong we were!

I do really like the walnut stripe. One of the first chopping boards I made was oak with a tiny walnut and cherry stripe, it really give a sense of craftsmanship and uniqueness and shouts out “This is handmade!”

I am going to have to rethink the waste basket now…

Hand Carved Oak Acorn Finial:

This beautiful hand carved oak acorn was commissioned by a customer who saw a little hand carved Oak and Walnut acorn we made for a previous commission for a jewellery project.

This little acorn was carved from two pieces of timber joined together, English Oak and North American Black Walnut. This little wooden gift was no larger than a thimble and has to be the smallest gift we have made to date.

This much larger oak acorn, however, is 25cm tall and weighs 5kg. It was commissioned as a decorative finial but would work so well as a wooden doorstop.

We show the whole process of how we made this particular wooden gift in our Hand carved Oak Acorn. Take a look, it is very interesting process.

Just as teaser…

Poem Bookends:

We are often asked to add various engraved text to our Personalised Oak Bookends, dates, poems, but not quite like the pair of wooden Bookends we were asked to create for an anniversary present.

The lettering here is only 3mm tall with things like punctuation a fraction of this size. The carved letters making up the poem is a delicate process and when cutting many factors come into play. The Bookend surface has to be perfectly flat – and I mean perfect! If it is out by as little as 0.2 of a millimetre you will not get consistent lettering especially at this size.

Magnetic Walnut Knife Rack:

This was made for someone very special!

Davina – of course. My wife and business partner, the cofounder of Make Me Something Special. However, even though she had told me she wanted a magnetic wooden knife holder in American Black Walnut for Christmas, little did I know, she had ordered a beautiful set of handmade Japanese Knives by ‘Kai Shun’ for me for Christmas. She is cunning like that!

This is something that will be available very soon from MakeMeSomethingSpecial and I don’t just mean the Walnut magnetic knife holder. Incidentally, we will be launching Cherry, Maple and Walnut magnetic knife holder racks in the New Year. Just as exciting though, we are soon to be stocking Kai Shun knives to sell alongside our Handmade Chopping Boards and Knife Holders.


Personalised Beech Chopping Board:

We were asked to custom make this stunning solid Beech Chopping Board for a Christmas present. Not our normal standard choice of Timber but because of the personal reasons for this particular wooden gift we just couldn’t refuse.

Handmade in our Surrey Hills Workshop, this solid English Beech Chopping Board work out just perfect. With any Engraved Chopping Board with produce, we will do whatever we can to ensure the finest quality. As with all our wooden products, we handpick our timber and as Beech is something our local sawmill stocks this cutting board received the same care and attention to detail as all our chopping boards do. We wouldn’t to it otherwise!

Beech is an excellent timber for Chopping Board construction because, like Maple it is much harder than Oak. It has a very tight and dense grain structure and has minimal defects. It has a soft salmon pink colour and once sanded and oiled will become one of the toughest cutting surfaces money can buy.

An excellent example of this is Beech can be plained down to very thin thicknesses, down to only a couple of millimetres and still retain its strong rigidity – A lolly stick for example, something Oak can’t do. Scale this up to a 4.5cm thick chopping board and you’ve got one strong cutting surface.

Personalised Bottle Holder:

The perfect gift for an old sea dog.

This engraved oak bottle holder, made to hold a bottle of rum, was commissioned for a Grandad by his children and grandchildren as a Christmas Present.

Handmade from Prime A Grade English Oak, the same beautiful oak we use to make our personalised wine racks from, except this was much, much thicker. This was a good thing as we had to engrave over two lines and still could keep the lettering nice and big. The only other request was it had to hold the bottle perfectly but the bottle had to be positioned to a point so that anchor symbol was still visible.

Personalised Oak Coat Hooks with Extra Pegs:

I love it.

When I first first came up with the idea for our solid oak Personalised coat hooks, Davina said, “That’s a good idea, can you make one for us.” Which I did. However, I am now going to have to take my own one down now because I need two pegs per person.

Very good idea! And We like good Ideas.

Special ‘medium sized’ Carving Board:

This Personalised Oak Carving Boards was commissioned to be slightly smaller and more importantly lighter in weight. Beneath is our standard Large engraved Carving board which measures 55cm wide compared to this special ‘medium sized’ Carving Board which is only 45cm. Still large enough for a turkey but more manageable for lifting.

Best of both…

Personalised House Wall Sign:

I feel that no words are needed when it comes to this special commission.

‘Simply Beautiful’

This thick and solid house wall sign is handcrafted from a single piece of Prime A, hand picked, English Oak. It’s 3.5cm thick x 20cm tall and 1 Meter long. It is hand finished will Liberon – Superior Danish oil until perfect. It is fitted with invisible screw head fixings, so there will not a screw head on show once it is hung.

Personalised engraved oak gifts like this are such a joy to make. Something so simple like this oak House Sign takes a great deal of time and effort to get the finish right. We will spend many many hours sanding and polishing to make products like this truly special.

Large Personalised Bread Board:


This Bread Board is just like a old product we used to make, called The Contemporary Bread Board, which had the same running grooves that this board has, ideal for catching those stray crumbs.


It is stunning! This thing about this is its size. It is the same as our Large Carving Board with measures 35 cm wide and 55cm long, it’s quite a monster.

Free Standing House Signs:

A product we have been meaning to get round to making for years. These beautiful free standing house signs are perfect if you don’t have a wall or gate to hang them from.

This particular house sign was ordered as a Christmas gift – and as always we were eager to get started. We started off with a stunning piece of 2.5cm thick Prime A grade English Oak which we use for our regular wall hanging house signs then added two chunky 4.5mm thick solid oak posts after chamfering the tops into points.

The Hungry Guest Serving Boards:


These solid oak personalised serving boards were bespoke made for a high quality food shop in Petworth, West Sussex.

They wanted high quality wooden kitchen boards to retail alongside their produce. They liked our solid oak personalised Serving Boards which we when bespoke engraved their stunning logo onto the front face. I have to say – the result was just fantastic.


Display Engraved Wooden Blocks:


These were commissioned by Whistle & Bango, London.

These engraved wooden blocks are to display their line of wrist watches.


There are exactly the same as our personalised children’s Alphabet Building blocks in terms of size and shape as well as the same high quality solid Birch, however, these small wooden bricks through up quite a challenge when in came to carving the front face with the companies striking logo and miniature text below.


Like we have done many times now on serving boardsoak chopping boards and serval others we have carefully cut lettering less then 3mm in size, but onto a wooden brick 5cm square took a lot more time and skill to pull off – not to mention the intricate 3D fleur-de-lee this required much attention to detail.


Looking at images this size does tend to create the illusion that they are not as small as you might think, well I think this next shot says it all – these little wooden blocks were a labour of love and just goes to show how versatile a little block of wood can be.


Chopping/Carving board with lipped edge:


We have a new product just recently released after being asked to commission a handmade chopping board with a twist.

As bespoke chopping boards go, this definitely has to be up there with our favourites. It was a pleasure to except the challenge to make such an interesting and personal engraved oak chopping boards. We were sent an image of what the customer currently had and wanted replacing.

lipped chopping:cutting board

The new bespoke oak chopping board had to be similar in design in terms of the width and depth, the same two lipped edges. However, it wanted to be, naturally, a serious upgrade. It had to be oak, thicker, better quality , engraved on both ends and most of all have to very different surfaces. One for bread making and another for carving meat on. The results were stunning…


and on the other side…


The board is finished to perfection. Handmade from our highly prized American White Oak and made out of 45mm thick with full length staves. The extra overhang measures 85mm giving a 40mm lip at both ends. The great thing about this, is we can engraved massive text on the front face of these chopping boards or our standard sized text, found on our standard rectangular engraved chopping boards, over two lines. If you choose the worktop saver with two lipped edges, you can have engraving on both sides.

The fact it doubles up as two separate kitchen boards is such a nice touch. The plain cutting board surface is huge and will look divine in your kitchen only gets better when friends and family arrive to see you turn your oak chopping boards over to reveal the beautiful Carving Board that lies beneath. Just fabulous.

Customer comments:

Hi Ben,

Chopping board arrived safe and sound yesterday, thank you. Extremely well made, and fits perfectly where I wanted it to go.  No more chasing my dough around the table, this is so substantial I don’t think it will move at all when kneading bread, and so beautiful I’m reluctant to use it! However, it WILL be used over the weekend as I have run out, and don’t intend to go back to shop bought bread. Be assured that this board will get plenty of use!
Am sending one or two photos of it ‘in situ’, just so you can see where it’s living!  
Best regards – Janet.
Our customers recent image of her kitchen with her new bespoke cutting board:


Bespoke Salmon Serving/Cutting Board:

handmade-salmon-cutting-board-makemesomethingspecialI have to say this was a quite a tough one. I had to copy a picture by eye to get this shape and then have to engrave a personalised message somewhere on the board. The plan was to make it look as if it was swimming instead of just dead straight.


I have to admit I really like this bespoke oak serving board, it is very unusual yet would turn heads when placing it down at the table to serve salmon on.

Handmade from our highly prized American White Oak, this 50cm long fish-shaped kitchen board is one of those bespoke chopping boards that once people see it is going to spark off a huge line of bespoke animal shapes chopping boards.

I’m looking forward to it…


Personalised Serving/Platter boards:


As with personalised engraving, we also offer 3D carvings on any of our products. These oak serving boards we were asked to commission for The Portman Burtley Estate had to include their crest as well as Estate name in their unique font.



It’s amazing, these serving boards are no different to our standard large serving boards. 20mm thick x 210mm wide x 440mm long and yet we had to fit the crest into the bottom left-hand corner with a space of only 100mm. The results were just fabulous. The engraved lettering is only 3mm tall and some of the other details within the crest measuring only .1 of a millimetre.


Look at the detail in the face. The ears – the eyes! it is quite incredible really. If you look just below at the tiny hairline splits in the oak at the chest of the figure – you couldn’t even get your fingernail into them and yet we have carved clear detail that is no bigger.



These have to be the finest detailed engravings we have done to date. It is such a pleasure to make such wonderful wooden serving boards with this kind of detailed finish. I look forward to the next project like this with much enthusiasm, our wooden serving boards are of the highest quality in terms of timber and finish but I do love taking it to these types of levels.


A gift for an art teacher:

personalised engraved solid cherry chopping board artist paletteThis was commissioned by a young student who wanted a very special gift to say thank you to his art teacher for helping him achieve an art scholarship.

He had seen our handmade hardwood boards and wanted something artistic yet practical. He gave us a rough sketch of what he wanted the end result to look like, but in particular, he wanted it made from a really handsome but less obvious timber like oak or beech.

The end result was stunning. Handmade from our highly prized North American Cherry, this chopping board in the shape of an artist’s palette turned out so well it was so close to becoming part of our standard range. But in the end we felt it was best left as part of our private commissions portfolio. It has to be said, however, this unique chopping board was the most enjoyable to design and create, and remains one of our most favourite commissions.

Wedding cake / Cheese Board:

personalised engraved solid oak wedding cheese boardA customer came to us looking for a high quality handmade personalised oak cheese board with a twist. On her wedding invitation was a beautiful symbol of the bride and grooms initials woven together.

She said she couldn’t find anyone who would take on the job. She emailed us the invitation, showing the slightly blurred symbol we had to replicate. She wanted it carved into the top of the cheese board leaving the side for further engraving.

personalised engraved solid oak wedding cheese boardWhen she asked a phone call later… “can it be done?’

We replied… “Yes – of course it can.”

She opted for our square solid oak cheese board, though being as it was a generous size and shape, it also had the outer groove which would help frame the symbol in the boards centre. As well as the engraved symbol she also wanted roman numerals on the front and back signifying two significant dates.

We have to say – we were as thrilled as the customer. The intricate 3D carving came out better than we expected. This is down to the specially made unique diamond tipped cutters we use, combined with the quality of our oak and the way we hand finish our cheese boards. It can all be seen right here. It really is breathtaking!

personalised engraved solid oak wedding cheese board

The New Personalised Phone & Tablet Tray:

personalised engraved solid oak desk tidy organiser

A customer called us and asked a question… “I like your engraved oak Phone & Tablet Tray but can you change it slightly?”

It had to have a larger compartment for her husbands things, however, she still wanted the phone and tablet grooves.

We set to work with a fresh block of English Oak and simply shifted the phone and tablet grooves back. By loosing one of the rear grooves, it freed up a huge space for us to carve out a large compartment for plenty of stationary.

As we make everything to order, simple little changes like this can be done for no extra cost.

We liked it so much we now offer it as a standard item. Thus you now have two options to choose from when you order one of our personalised solid oak Phone & Tablet Trays.

personalised engraved solid oak desk tidy organiser

Children’s Desk Tidy & Pen Pot:

personalised engraved solid oak desk tidy organiser

These were commissioned as Christmas presents for two young boys.

The mother wanted personalised wooden desk tidies with their names engraved on the front. Compartments to store rubbers and sharpeners and a tall pen pot for felt tip pens and rulers. However, on top of all of that what she wanted the most she explained, was something that they would have for the rest of their lives.

That is the real beauty of what we do. We know that because of the high quality timbers we use and the way we carefully construct each product, no matter how small, that they are built to last. We also know by choosing the best finishing oils on the market, that they are really well set up before they leave us.

Personalised engraved solid oak desk tidy

Child’s Bedroom Door Plaque:

personalised engraved solid oak children's bedroom door name plaque A customer saw our personalised oak child’s coat hooks when we were exhibiting at the Country Living Spring Fair show in London and asked us if she could have the engraved backs but without the coat pegs. She wanted one for each of her children to put on their bedroom doors.

We think the result is simply beautiful, what could be nicer on your child’s bedroom door.

Extra Large Oak Heart Shaped Chopping Board:

personalised engraved solid oak heart shaped chopping board

A customer saw our handmade heart-shaped oak chopping boards and asked us, “can you make it much large?”

“not a problem,” we said. The reason behind it, she wanted an heirloom that had her family name and every member’s first name going right around the heart.

This heart chopping board ended up 40cm across, with five names as well as the family surname in the left top corner.

That is the great thing about the way we construct our chopping boards. No matter how large they get, we do our best to make them look as if they have been made from one piece of timber. We select each piece and match them up before we glue it together. You would never know to look at it from above, that this particular chopping board is made from three separate pieces of oak joined together.

personalised engraved solid oak heart shaped chopping board  

Small Personalised Oak Clip Board:

personalised engraved oak clip board chartA retirement gift.

A nice little project. A simple yet elegant gift for a Bingo player. Constructed from 20mm thick Quarter Sawn solid English Oak, this little clip board only wanted to be 25cm long by 15cm wide. Which is fine when it came to attaching the clip part but to engrave was slightly more tricky. We had to get the customers message on the bottom part of the board, thus needing very small characters.

This required a specially made cutter, with a sharper tip to give the characters enough detail. It probably doesn’t look like it, but the letters in the second and third row are only 4mm tall.

Even the smallest jobs receive our full attention.

personalised engraved oak clip board chartNote the pale yellow blotches and streaks on the front face of the timber. These are called Medullary Rays – A tell-tail sign of high quality Quarter Sawn Oak.

personalised engraved oak clip board chart

Triple Cat Bowl:

solid oak triple cat dog pet bowlThis is something we are often asked to make.

We produce both single and double cat and dog food and water bowls with or without personalised engraving. This is a triple cat bowl, measuring 4.5cm thick, 17.5 cm wide and 52.5cm long, a truly elegant product. The idea is one bowl for water, one for wet food and one for dry cat biscuits.

Some pets do get spoilt… and why not!

solid oak triple cat dog pet bowl

Boot Holder with Boot Pull:

We were sent an image by a customer who had seen an old welly stand with a boot pull attached and asked us if we could somehow incorporate a boot jack into our welly holder and it had to have a handle to hold onto whist pulling off your wellingtons.

“what a challenge!”

A couple of days and many sketches later – we came up with a simple yet elegant and contemporary design that fitted nicely into our original welly boot stand.

The boot pull is simple carved out from the solid oak base which extends out enough to allow you to stand either side of the boot pull and remove your boots and, of course, a tall chunky hand holder, as requested, to keep your balance when doing so. Which incidentally unscrews from the base for easy storage or transporting.

A good job all round.

Large Bath Rack:


This bespoke oversized wooden Bath Rack was created for a large free standing bath. It had to differ from our standard Bath Rack in terms of scale but keep the same look and feel. No engraving either just three hearts on both faces.


It was over 90cm long with very specific requirements for the tray base. The curves leading from the handles had to be just right to look as if it had been made for the bath perfectly rather than just an after thought.


Not a problem!

I think you can beat a good quality wooden bath rack, it really does enhance your bath time. This particular bath rack came out better than I expected and that doesn’t happen very often. It’s not just down to the craftsmanship involved – the sheer quality of the timber we use is second to none. It really was beautifully! I love the hearts too – It is a really nice touch.

Customer Feed Back:

“The bath rack has arrived and it is lovely! Thank you very much for all of your help.”


Jacaranda catering company cheese boards:


Jacaranda is a local well renowned catering company that has built a reputation for creatively catering and coordinating dream weddings, elegant parties and inspirational corporate events throughout West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire (Hants).

They are synonymous with highly successful party planning, first class event catering and seamless event management. Their reputation has grown by word-of-mouth not only as superb outside caterers and for the delicious food they serve but also for the style and the consistent high quality service they provide.

I love orders like this! It is because I love working with people and organisations that share the same passion and attention to detail in their business. They needed three high quality large personalised cheese boards to use at their events with their company name engraved. They ordered one in each of our highly prized timbers – North American Cherry, North American Black Walnut and American White Oak.

Can’t wait to hear how they get on!

More commissions on the way…

If you would like something bespoke made specially for you, please feel free to get in touch. We love a challenge.

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