The Samsung Bespoke Chopping Boards

| 5th Apr

It’s true, Samsung required some engraved wooden chopping boards and we were only to happy to help create them for them.

The oak chopping boards were handcrafted to order in our Surrey Hills workshop by our team of very skilled craftesmen.  As always, the timber we used was hand selected to be as flawless in grain and as beautiful as possible.

The very well known SAMSUNG logo had to be perfect and duplicated over and over again. Something we are very good at. If we are supplied with artwork, we can copy it and create a stunning carved motif that is striking to look at as well as long lasting.

We can’t give away the number that were ordered, but it was a significant amount! All created using the best timber and finished to the highest of standards as you would expect from buying from us. We do nothing unless it is outstanding and beyond the customers expectations.

A very enjoyable task and looking forward to future orders from Samsung.

View our personalised chopping boards here.

If you are interested in ordering personalised wooden chopping boards for yourself or your company, please contact us.

About Ben Griffiths

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Ben has a history of making something special and in 2010 that became his main focus in producing something special out of English Oak for customers around the world.

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