Bespoke Wooden Business Signs: Coffee Box

| 1st May

One thing we’re complimented on regularly is the high quality bespoke wooden signs. As well as making personalised signs for houses and home owners, we also make bespoke wooden business signs for shops, hotels, B&Bs, cafes, restaurants, pubs, parks and clubs.

These particular custom wooden business signs are hand-crafted from solid English Oak, and were featured in the blog for the Artisan Coffee company Coffee Box.

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These beautiful engraved wooden signs are made to hang for display outside, using metal wall brackets. The signs therefore had to be solid, weather proof and clear to read by passers by.

The engraving was painted black, making the lettering more visible. The timber was then treated with our Diamond Coating finish which not only brings out the timber’s natural colour but also makes it as weather resistant as possible.

Another thing we did to these particular wooden business signs was fit a solid oak rail top and bottom. The signs were very large which meant they had to be made from several pieces of timber joined together. Joined almost invisibly, something we are very good at.

The attention is then to engrave the company logo, another thing we are very good at. No matter the style of text or design of the logo, as long as a good quality artwork can be supplied, we can create a template to be engraved.

The signs were engraved front and back as they were to be hung with passing traffic on either side of the signs.

As bespoke wooden sign makers we can make signs with extras like this. All our house signs and business signs are made from scratch to order, so things like size, thickness, design, style, the way they have to be mounted, wall mounted or on posts, we can take care of all of that.

The devil is in the detail. A saying we like here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, meaning detail is important if you want to create things of beauty and elegance. We pride ourselves and makes the best wooden products and every product or project we undertake receives the same time, care and attention to detail.

We like to do things properly here.

Bespoke wooden business signs are something we do like to make. So, if you would like a sign making for your business or want us to provide a quotation for a replacement sign, get in touch with us here or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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