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Bespoke | 31st Oct

Bespoke… wood… kitchen boards. Everything MakeMeSomethingSpecial knows and loves. It is all about the quality with our kitchen boards. Though the carvings are very impressive, the quality of the timber we use is also very visible in our boards. Bespoke chopping and serving boards are something we have been doing for years, and we know they take a lot of care and attention to detail to get them right – but its worth it.

Take a look at some of the bespoke kitchen boards we’ve made recently. From cheese and chopping to carving and serving…

The Hungry Guest Bespoke Chopping Boards:

The Hungry Guest Bespoke Chopping Boards from

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These solid oak personalised serving boards were bespoke made for the high quality food shop in Petworth, West Sussex, The Hungry Guest. If you are local or are ever passing you must visit this shop  –  it is fabulous! If you like good food, then you will love what they have to offer – especially there walk-in refrigerated cheese room.

They wanted high quality wooden kitchen boards to retail alongside their produce. They liked our solid oak personalised serving boards, so we took the design and engraved their logo onto the front face. I have to say – the result was just fantastic:

The Hungry Guest Bespoke Serving Boards from

Bespoke Cutting Board Salmon Shaped:

Bespoke Cutting Board Salmon Shaped from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comI have to say this was a quite a tough one. I had to copy a picture by eye to get this shape and then have to engrave a personalised message somewhere on the board. The plan was to make it look as if it was swimming instead of just dead straight.

Bespoke Cutting Board Salmon Shaped from

I have to admit I really like this bespoke oak serving board. It is very unusual yet would turn heads when placing it down at the table to serve salmon on. Handmade from our highly prized American White Oak, this 50cm long fish shaped kitchen board is one of those bespoke chopping boards that once people see it is going to spark off a huge line of bespoke animal shapes chopping boards.

I’m looking forward to it…

Bespoke Cutting Board Salmon Shaped from

Portman Burtley Personalised Serving Boards:


As with personalised engraving, we also offer 3D carvings on any of our products. These oak serving boards we were asked to commission for The Portman Burtley Estate had to include their crest as well as Estate name in their unique font.

Personalised Serving Boards from


It’s amazing, these serving boards are no different to our standard large serving boards. 20mm thick x 210mm wide x 440mm long and yet we had to fit the crest into the bottom lefthand corner with a space of only 100mm. The results were just fabulous. The engraved lettering are only 3mm tall and some of the other details within the crest measuring only .1 of a millimetre.

Personalised Serving Boards from

Look at the detail in the face. The ears – the eyes! it is quite incredible really. If you look just below at the tiny hairline splits in the oak at the chest of the figure – you couldn’t even get your fingernail into them and yet we have carved clear detail that is no bigger.

Personalised Serving Boards from

These have to be the finest detailed engravings we have done to date. It is such a pleasure to make such wonderful wooden serving boards with this kind of detailed finish. I look forward to the next project like this with much enthusiasm, our wooden serving boards are of the highest quality in terms of timber and finish but I do love taking it to these types of levels.

Personalised Serving Boards from

Personalised Wedding Cake Board:

Personalised Wedding Cake Board from

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A customer came to us looking for a high quality handmade oak cheese board with a twist. On her wedding invitation was a beautiful symbol of the bride and grooms initials woven together. She said she couldn’t find anyone who would take on the job. She emailed us the invitation, showing the slightly blurred symbol we had to replicate. She wanted it carved into the top of the cheese board leaving the side for further engraving.

Personalised Wedding Cake Board from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comWhen she asked a phone call later… “can it be done?’

We replied… “Yes – of course it can.”

She opted for our square solid oak cheese board, though being as it was a generous size and shape, it also had the outer groove which would help frame the symbol in the boards centre. As well as the engraved symbol she also wanted roman numerals on the front and back signifying two significant dates.

We have to say – we were as thrilled as the customer. The intricate 3D carving came out better than we expected. This is down to the specially made unique diamond tipped cutters we use, combined with the quality of our oak and the way we hand finish our cheese boards. It can all be seen right here. It really is breathtaking!

Personalised Wedding Cake Board from

Extra Large Heart Shaped Chopping Board:

Extra Large Heart Shaped Chopping Board from

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A customer saw our handmade heart shaped oak chopping boards and asked us, “can you make it much large?”

“not a problem,” we said. The reason behind it, she wanted an heirloom that had her family name and every member’s first name going right around the heart. This heart chopping board ended up 40cm across, with five names as well as the family surname in the left top corner. That’s the great thing about the way we construct our chopping boards. No matter how large they get, we do our best to make them look as if they have been made from one piece of timber. We select each piece and match them up before we glue it together. You would never know to look at it from above, that this particular chopping board is made from three separate pieces of oak joined together.

Extra Large Heart Shaped Chopping Board from

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Jacaranda catering company cheese boards:

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards for a Catering Company from

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Jacaranda is a local well renowned catering company that has built a reputation for creatively catering and co-ordinating dream weddings, elegant parties and inspirational corporate events throughout West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire (Hants). They are synonymous with highly successful party planning, first class event catering and seamless event management. Their reputation has grown by word-of-mouth not only as superb outside caterers and for the delicious food they serve but also for the style and the consistent high quality service they provide.

I love orders like this! It is because I love working with people and organisations that share the same passion and attention to detail in their business. They needed three high quality large personalised cheese boards to use at their events with their company name engraved. They ordered one in each of our highly prized timbers – North American Cherry, North American Black Walnut and American White Oak.

If you are looking for a wooden board to be bespoke made, this is exactly what we do. Make Me Something Special is the UK’s number 1 manufacture of luxury personalised wooden gifts and bespoke works receive the same care and attention to detail. This is what it is all about! We love making things to order. Even if it just adding a extra line of text or a groove, it make our bespoke chopping boards that little bit more individual.

A key ingredient to a made to measure chopping board is being able to start from scratch with a fresh piece of timber. We don’t use off cuts! All of our handmade chopping boards receive the same care and attention to detail, be it our less expensive Simply Elegant Oak Chopping Boards or our handmade End Grain Butchers Block Chopping Boards, we will make sure each one is perfect and bespoke items are just the same.

Bespoke Chopping Boards |

We have made hundreds of bespoke personalised chopping boards to date.

My personal favourite was the Artist’s Palette in North American Cherry. I really love this elegant one of a kind chopping board.

Bespoke Chopping Boards |

This was commissioned by a young student who wanted a very special gift to say thank you to his art teacher for helping him achieve an art scholarship.

He had seen our handmade hardwood boards and wanted something artistic yet practical. He gave us a rough sketch of what he wanted the end result to look like, but in particular, he wanted it made from a really handsome but less obvious timber like oak or beech.

The end result was stunning. Handmade from our highly prized North American Cherry, this chopping board in the shape of an artist’s palette turned out so well it was so close to becoming part of our standard range. But in the end we felt it was best left as part of our private commissions portfolio. It has to be said, however, this unique chopping board was the most enjoyable to design and create, and remains one of our most favourite commissions.

A Wooden Gift from

As far as bespoke personalised chopping boards go, this definitely has to be up there with our favourites. It was a pleasure to except the challenge to make such an interesting and personal engraved oak chopping boards. We were sent an image of what the customer currently had and wanted replacing.

Bespoke Chopping Boards |

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The new bespoke oak chopping board had to be similar in design in terms of the width and depth, the same two lipped edges. However, it wanted to be, naturally, a serious upgrade. It had to be oak, thicker, better quality , engraved on both ends and most of all have to very different surfaces. One for bread making and another for carving meat on. The results were stunning…

Bespoke Chopping Boards |

and on the other side…

Bespoke Chopping Boards |

I very much like the engraved inscription: ‘I KNEADED THIS’ It’s great. We are seriously going to have to do a competition of who has chosen the best engraved wording.

The board is finished to perfection. Handmade from our highly prized American White Oak and made out of 45mm thick with full length staves. The extra overhang measures 85mm giving a 40mm lip at both ends. The great thing about this, is we can engraved massive text on the front face of these chopping boards or our standard sized text, found on our standard rectangular engraved chopping boards, over two lines. If you choose the worktop saver with two lipped edges, you can have engraving on both sides.

The fact it doubles up as two separate kitchen boards is such a nice touch. The plain cutting board surface is huge and will look divine in your kitchen only gets better when friends and family arrive to see you turn your oak chopping boards over to reveal the beautiful Carving Board that lies beneath. Just fabulous.

Customer comments:

Hi Ben,

Chopping board arrived safe and sound yesterday, thank you. Extremely well made, and fits perfectly where I wanted it to go.  No more chasing my dough around the table, this is so substantial I don’t think it will move at all when kneading bread, and so beautiful I’m reluctant to use it! However, it WILL be used over the weekend as I have run out, and don’t intend to go back to shop bought bread. Be assured that this board will get plenty of use!
Am sending one or two photos of it ‘in situ’, just so you can see where it’s living!  
Best regards – Janet.

Our customers recent image of her kitchen with here new bespoke cutting board.

Bespoke Chopping Boards |

If you’d like to order one of our bespoke chopping boards as a gift for a loved one or a treat to yourself, send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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