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I have said it before and I’ll say it again…

Make Me Something Special‘s personalised chopping boards are just stunning.

Personalised Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

The reason why, is not only are our personalised chopping boards finished to the very highest of standards but the timber is so good, you can’t get better.

The wood we use is nothing less than the finest on the planet. Found in the North Appalachian Region of New England, grown and managed by Amish families which need no introduction or certification on their ethics and code of conduct. As far as sustainability goes, replanting outstripped cutting by 15% between 1997 and 2007.

The US Forestry Service estimates that further increases of 15 – 20 % are expected in hardwood stock through to 2030. Last year 2.3 billion trees were planted in the States, and there are 483 million acres of commercial forest alone, plus 350 million acres of privately owned forest. Sustainability is therefore not an issue, nor are environmental or social problems.

Personalised Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

Now, joining and finishing the boards is extremely important when it comes to making a good quality wooden chopping board, every single board is joined and held in an industrial hydraulic glue press, not in some feeble hand clamps on a work bench, under enormous pressures, making the joins so tight they are stronger than the wood itself.

The reason for joins is this helps keep your chopping board rigid and resistant to movement.

Personalised Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

I am often asked – “Will my wooden chopping board move?”

The simple answer is – “yes” but no a lot. Timber is a natural product and is always on the move. However, if you use good quality, well dried timber, planed and glued properly and well sealed with oil – you can’t help but to reduce any movement down to hardly nothing.

This will also depend on how you care for your chopping board, we supply a care guide with all of our personalised chopping boards listing all the dos & don’ts, re-oiling and general maintenance of your chopping board.

All of the personalised chopping boards we make are well set up before they leave our workshop, so with the right care these stunning and beautiful workhorse kitchen boards should last for many years and could even outlive the owner.

Personalised Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

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