Bespoke Woking Golf Club Score Card Holder

Whilst many of the products we make at Make Me Something Special can be seen and personalised on our website, a lot of the bespoke gifts we make are often made for just one customer. As a result, a lot of our most unique and creative products are unseen to...
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Bespoke Serving Boards for Restaurants and Public Houses

It’s the little touches that make small businesses such as restaurants and cafes feel particularly special and welcoming. Things like bespoke serving boards and other appliances with custom branding radiate a real sense of pride, which – as a manufacturer of hand-made wooden gifts that require much care and attention...
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Personalised Wireless Chargers for the iPhone 8 & iPhone X

The new iPhones have arrived, and finally… they can be charged wirelessly. That’s right. The new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) are all able to be charged wirelessly through one of our wooden wireless phone chargers. Previously, the iPhones required special cases in order to be...
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Personalised Wooden Plaques

The thing we love most about these personalised wooden plaques is how many creative possibilities there are when it comes to personal engravings. We’re always excited to see what customers want their plaque to say, and what message they want to put across. People get especially creative when they’re buying...
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