Personalised Wireless Chargers for the iPhone 8 & iPhone X

The new iPhones have arrived, and finally… they can be charged wirelessly. That’s right. The new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) are all able to be charged wirelessly through one of our wooden wireless phone chargers.

Previously, the iPhones required special cases in order to be compatible with any wireless phone charger, but now, they can be charged by simply being placed on the pad.

wooden wireless phone charger

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If you haven’t seen one of these before, it’s because they’re hand-made here at Make Me Something Special. You won’t find anything like this elsewhere on the market. The AirCharge wireless phone charger is held tightly in a case of high quality oak, personalised with an engraving of your choice. So depending on whether you’re buying as a gift or to treat yourself to something handy, you can personalise your wooden wireless phone charger with a name, a message or even symbols, such as hearts or stars…


The chargers are available in either English Oak and our Amish American Black Walnut, and come with either UK, US or EU plugs. They’re a stunning and practical addition to a work desk or bedside table. And now, we’ve added the wireless charging pad to our desk tidies. Check it out here.

This is the perfect gift for a hard worker. Store your keys, loose change, post, stamps and anything else you want to keep in a safe, memorable place. It also doubles as an iPad stand for when you want to watch something hands-free. This particular desk tidy has a great engraving! “PAUL’S IN CHARGE” – a great office gift.

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