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Buying a gift for a wedding can be difficult, but here at Make Me Something Special, we design and create beautiful personalised wooden wedding gifts that are perfect for both bride and groom. The quality of our products is second to none. Everything we make is crafted by hand in our Surrey Hills Workshop – to order. No mass produced products here!

Personalised Wedding Gifts (

Are you looking for high quality personalised wedding gifts that are guaranteed to be loved? Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we design and hand-craft a huge selection of beautiful personalised wedding gifts that you can have bespoke-made for the recipient. If you’d like to personalise a unique wedding gift for yourself or a loved one, give us a call on +44 1252 703 196 Like our 5th wedding anniversary gifts, our selection of personalised wedding gift ideas is endless as we also bespoke-make anything you might have in mind. Let me show you the kind of things we currently make.

Personalised Wedding Gifts – Finest Oak

First up from our personalised wedding gifts selection is our personalised wooden photo frames… Available in various standard sizes, these stunning wooden photo frames are handmade from solid oak and can be personalised with names and dates, special messages, carved stars and hearts, making them really unique oak wedding gifts.

The frame comes with perspex, wall mounted or standing, with or without a mount, with or without personalisation, available in bespoke sizes – there are no limits to size and engraving. Another really popular personalised wedding gift is our personalised chopping boards.

Again, with us – it is all about the quality. These boards are of such high quality and so well made, it will last a life time. They’re constructed by hand using traditional methods and are available in a variety of different timber.

These high quality wooden chopping boards are thick, hard wearing and built to be used every day in your kitchen. We make lots of different sizes, depending ton how much worktop space you have and can be personalised with your choice of words or lettering.

Personalised Oak Wedding Gifts from

If you are looking for a beautiful oak wedding gift for a friends or family member, Make Me Something Special just added some brand new personalised wedding gifts to the selection.

It is difficult to find a gift for a wedding. Wedding gifts in general should be good quality, stylish, something that will be used, cherished and enjoyed – and we have some new engraved wedding gifts that tick all of these boxes.

How about these simple yet very elegant oak wedding gift ideas… This is our personalised mobile phone and coin tray.

Wooden Wedding Gifts from

Shop phone holders

The best thing is the dish will fit keys, loose change, cuff-links and other small items you want kept in a safe place. The mobile phone stand will hold all the new iPhones, Samsungs and other popular smart phones on the market.

As a wedding gift, this is perfect for either bride and groom and will look sensational on a bedside table, kitchen worktop, lamp table or desk. Available with engraved text on the front and rear faces, you can add your own personalised message. Perfect for names, dates, house names, post codes, co-ordinates and other ideas.

For the kitchen, this is the best accessory and is a really unique wedding gift idea…

Salt & Pepper Wooden Wedding Gift from

This unique salt cellar or salt and pepper pinch bowl is made from American Black Walnut and features two beautifully carved bowls for your salt and pepper.

If you’re a fan of James Martin, you will have seen what it is like to season food whilst working on great dishes. Even if you are just sticking a roast chicken on, this is the easiest way to season before getting it in the oven. If you have never used a salt and pepper pinch pot before – you are going to love it!

The happy couple are going to love you when they find out you have bought this stunning personalised wooden gift for them on their wedding day. Available blank, with classic ‘SALT & PEPPER’ engraved or have your own personalised text carved on the front and back of one of these special little wood gifts to make it a truly special personalised gift.

Another great wedding gift for the kitchen and excellent, stylish storage solution, is our personalised wooden wine racks, now available in American Black Walnut.

Personalised Wooden Wine Rack - Wedding Gifts from

Classic and won’t look our of place in any home no matter what the decor.

These timeless wooden wine racks will make the most excellent wedding present, especially with something nice carved on the front. This particular one was made for a 5th wedding anniversary and features a sweet engraved message ‘EST. 2010’

You can have both names and dates engrave on these, and still have something special written on the other side. It is available in a array of sizes, from one bottle holder up to 12 wine bottles.

Designed to hold most wine bottles without issue, this is a perfect gift for a wedding.

Last but most definitely not least of our personalised wedding gifts (for this blog post anyway), we have a personalised gift that is going leave the bride and groom speechless… Our stunning personalised cheese boards.

Engraved Oak Chopping board - Wedding Gifts from

Now everyone needs a good wooden board to chop on and serve food on.

We began this company making nothing but personalised wooden chopping boards and we still love nothing more than selecting timber, putting together and transforming it into our unmatched kitchen boards.

Made from timber, grown and managed by the Amish in the north American states of New England and Vermont, you will not find a cheese board made with such care and attention to detail. No matter if you go for Oak, American Black Walnut, Cherry or Maple you want be able to put it away. These personalised cheese boards make an absolutely perfect personalised wooden wedding gift.

Looking for a Personalised Wedding Gift Idea?…






Weddings can be tough to buy for. I have been to a few before Make Me Something Special existed and to find something that really worth buying and the couple are going to use… Looking for a personalised wedding gift idea is tricky.

I tell you – I never have that problem! Since Davina and myself began Make Me Something Special and we started making our beautiful range of personalised wooden gifts, finding a great gift is no longer an issue. Doesn’t matter who it is, what they are into, their house decor, their lifestyle, one of our stunning wooden gifts will work. Same goes for milestone birthday gifts and anniversary gifts.

Normally I am stopped in the carpark on the school run and a patent will say they need a gift, also they have left it late, and they need a good quality gift for a wedding they are soon to be attending. The perfect personalised wedding gift idea.

Every time I give them the run down of the most popular personalised wedding gift ideas we have.

Firstly, the personalised wooden chopping board:

Personalised Wooden Chopping Board - Ideal Wedding Gift

These are a great gift, everyone needs a good long lasting chopping board to see them through the many happy years of marriage. Names on one side, wedding date on the other, you can’t go wrong. From as little as £29.00 for a small all the way up to £500.00 and more depending on how large and how bespoke you want to go.

Next, I offer a personalised wooden tea light holder:

Personalised Tea Light Holder - Wedding Gifts from

These engraved wooden gifts are a no-brainer! Everyone loves tea lights, and what can be nicer than a beautiful solid oak, and now solid walnut, engraved tea light holder to place on a shelf, mantel piece or coffee table and create a comforting mood. As with the oak chopping boards, you can engrave either one or two sides of these tea light holders with your chosen text. Available from 1 up to 10 tea lights as standard. Bespoke sizes are always available.

Personalised Cheese Boards:

Engraved Cheeseboard - Wedding Gifts by Make Me Something SpecialI know I have already showed you a personalised chopping board, but these are a little bit more special. Some as are wooden carving boards which I will show you in just a sec… These gorgeous round handmade wooden cheese boards are simply stunning. You will not find anything quite like them on the market, many have tried to copy this very special board but in order to make a board like this really spacial, you need several very special ingredients.

1 – The timber. We use only the finest Amish American Hardwoods found in the Appalachian Regian of New England.

2 – The engraving is second no known. Carved by both machine and hand, our lettering is both sharp and deep but extremely accurate and precise.

3 – The finish. Hand sanded until silky smooth, then oiled using only the best chopping board oil on the market and polished until it gleams. You have to see it to really understand how good these really are!

4 – The options are endless and can always to adapted to suit you. We are always up for a challenge and we like nothing more then to bring a customers unique ideas to life.

The Carving Board:

Handmade Carving Board - Wooden Wedding Gifts

Always a winner. If you like a good Sunday Roast or something sturdy to carve a turkey on at Christmas, you will love these divine personalised wooden carving boards. We make two very unique designs that have their own ways of drawing away the voices and collecting them in one place. We have several timber options, several sizes and many ways of personalising the board to make it special.

Personalised rope swings:



You can’t beat a good wooden garden swing. I have been told swinging keeps you young. It is great exercise and great fun. Our engraved wooden swings are made to the highest of standards. The timber is one piece solid locally sourced English Oak and fitted with thick synthetic hero rope. This is the best combination you can get. An oak swing seat that can be personalised, will last for many many years and rope that will last even longer. It doesn’t shrink, swell or rot! We also supply high quality swing fitting to help get your swing up and ready to go and makes life easier when it comes to adjustments and taking the thing down to maintenance to be put away when the weather is bad.

Just a few of the many wonderful wedding gift ideas we offer her at Make Me Something Special. All handcrafted in the UK in our Surrey Hills workshop. We also ship all over the world. If you are looking for inspiration – like a personalised wedding gift idea – we have got it covered.

Wedding season is upon us…

We have been inundated with orders and its only April! Personalised wooden gifts never cease to be a popular present for newlyweds. When I am looking for a wedding present, I want something that the happy couple will adore, use all the time and last then for years. I nice quality bottle go bubbly works very well but once its gone – its gone.

Here is something we have been doing for a while now and seams to be growing in popularity, special commissions coming in as well as lots of new good ideas in production for engraved wedding gifts.

– The written poem –

Engraved Wedding Gifts from

Engraving is what we do best and carving something as long as this take several hours and lots of TLC. Every letter has to be bang on and the timber perfectly flat or the lettering will either be too deep or not deep enough. Any good engraver will tell you – consistency is key – and this is not done by laser – this is carved.

These stunning wooden wall plaques are perfect gifts for weddings and wedding anniversaries. If you are looking right now – here is something you may not have thought of for an engraved wedding gift! You can have a reading from the wedding ceremony engraved or just a line from the first dance song. A simple message like “LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED” or have co-ordinates of where the wedding day took place. These will go up on a wall or on a shelf and be admired and treasures as a keepsake of the special day.

Engraved Wedding Gifts from

Our personalised wooden bookends is one of our products that has been continuously asked to have a poem inscribed. The best thing is you can still have the initials of him and her on the front and the poem or special message carved on the back.

Engraved Wedding Gifts from

Bookends make the greatest engraved wedding gifts as they are very stylish, usable, decorative objects and will work with any decor.

Engraved Bookends - Wedding Gift by Make Me Something Special

Speaking of special messages, we have just added this feature to the some of our products. You can now add a special or secret messages to gifts like personalised chopping boards, wooden tree swings and benches.

Since we started making things like the wall plaques and bookends it has really taken off but I had engraved favourite family recipes on the underside of chopping boards and thank you messages on the backs of wooden key bowls, serving boards and cheese boards hundreds of times for customers.

One of my favourite commissions had this special engraved message. If you are familiar with our Recent Commissions page you will have seem this very special chopping boards before.

Engraved Wedding Gifts from

This was a big thank you gift for an art teacher for helping to get her student an art scholarship. Handcrafted in Amish North American Cherry – it is just beautiful. This board featured a hidden message on the underside. It says it all and that is what it is all about.

Engraved Wedding Gifts from

You can now do this with our range of chopping, cheese, bread and carving boards. We can engrave personal message for you on the underside of your board, making your chopping board that little bit extra special. Something special or secret that you don’t want anyone else to see – but you know it’s there.

Engraved Wedding Gifts from

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas from

Personalised wooden bookends will make a stunning wedding gift. Handmade in the Surrey Hills from hand selected true English Oak, these solid wood weighty bookends will look hold a vast selection of different sizes books and will look just fabulous on a shelf or side table.

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas from

Personalised cheese boards. I cannot begin to tell you how good these handcrafted engraved kitchen boards are! They are made from timber, grown and managed by the Amish, the in the North Appalachian Region of New England which is harder, denser with a more beautiful grain than another oak you will ever see. These oak cheese boards come with or without engraved lettering of your choice and are available in several sizes.

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas from

Here is a good one for the happy couple. An engraved oak tea light holder. Simple, stylish and something that will be used day in day out, of their married life. This style of personalised wooden tea light holder comes in a variety of sizes and features glass inserts, keeping flame and wax away from the timber and preserving the finish. A unique and long-lasting wedding present. A hand carved personalised wooden wall plaque. Made from English Oak and comes with invisible screw head fixings – no screw on display when you hang this from the wall. We can carve out a heart felt message or classic quote from the newlyweds to hang in their home.

Personalised Knife Block - Wedding Gift by Make Me Something Special

For the kitchen we have an inventive and very special magnetic wooden knife stand. Your knives simple stick to the sides as if they are defying gravity. This particular oak knife holder is for those who have a good selection of kitchen or chef knives but we do other styles and wall mounted personalised knife holders.

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas from

Our wooden salt and pepper pinch bowl is a great wedding gift idea. Unique compared to the standard salt and pepper mills in that you just dip in your fingers and season your food, whilst cooking or at the table. They are fantastic. Can be personalised with lettering of your choice to make this small wooden gift a memorable wedding present.

We have many more great personalised wedding gift ideas, you will find them in our online shop as well as a fully bespoke service if you are looking for something you want and can’t find. We will be happy to take a look at anything you would like us to commission.

Make Me Something Special’s personalised wooden gifts are simply stunning and unlike anything else you will find out there.

Make Me Something Special’s designs make beautiful personalised wedding gifts. No matter what you choose, you can expect to see these being used and still around for years to come. Our quality timbers and persistent attention to detail makes them the finest wooden gift range on the market.

If you, one of your friends or family is having or attending a white wedding this christmas there is a couple of gift ideas you could take with you as gifts.

They will love our personalised solid oak Toast Racks.

Personalised Wedding Gifts from

The grooves are large enough to hold doorstop thick toast and will stop the slices from going soggy.

Have these personalised with the happy couples names, wedding date whatever you desire. They are available in a variety of sizes and you can also add jam and butter dishes.

Personalised Wedding Gifts from

How about a wooden desk organiser.

Everyone needs a place to store their iPhone and iPad. As with all our personalised wooden gifts, we can engrave your own personal inscription as well as carved shapes and symbols.

Our phone and tablet trays will be a truly unique and useful wedding gift that will get used every day.

Personalised Gadget Stand - Wooden Wedding Gift

Another best seller of ours is our personalised wooden tree swings.

These look just fabulous with both names and wedding date on the other side. This will be a very treasured and will still be around for years to come. A lovely reminder of the wedding day and a pleasant way to add a personal feel to a garden.

Personalised Wedding Gifts from

If you are thinking, something for the kitchen, take a look at our range of personalised chopping boards.

Personalised Wedding Gifts from

Gorgeous and unbelievably hardwearing.

Our personalised wooden chopping boards are the finest on in the UK. Every one is handmade from scratch in our Surrey Hills workshop using only the finest American Hardwoods. This have been bought and used by professional chefs around the world and now designed specifically for Emma Bridgewater new wooden gift range along with our dozen egg tray and salt and pepper bowls.

They come in a verity of sizes and shapes and can be personalised with your choice of engraved lettering.

We can even engrave a special, heartfelt message on the underside of your chopping boards, something that will be there forever.

Lots of very special things to mark those very special occasions… If you want to buy the perfect wedding gift you must take a look at our personalised wooden gift range.

Call us now on 01252 703 196 if you like any of the personalised wedding gifts above or send us a message via our contact form.

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