15 Unique & Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

This day will mark the day that two people will solidify their relationship, and the gifts they receive will be reflected on and cherished for years to come. And, with an event as special as this one, a truly thoughtful and special gift is a necessity. At MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we’ve spent years designing and hand-crafting beautiful personalised wooden gifts of the highest quality, for occasions just like this one.

Personalised Wedding Gifts (MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com)

https://makemesomethingspecial.com/product-category/gift-occasions/personalised-wedding-gifts/ Are you looking for high quality personalised wedding gifts that are guaranteed to be loved? Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we design and hand-craft a huge selection of beautiful personalised wedding gifts that you can have bespoke-made for the recipient. If you’d like to personalise a unique wedding gift for yourself or a loved one, give us a call on +44 1252 703 196 or visit: http://makemesomethingspecial.com/

So, here are a selection of unique and thoughtful wedding gift ideas that the newly weds are going to love…

1. Personalised round wooden cheese board

Whilst these personalised round cheese boards are thick, heavy and built to last, they most definitely don’t lack elegance. Available in oak and walnut, they’re the ideal addition to a beautiful kitchen.


Shop Round Cheese Boards

The cheese boards can of course be personalised with an engraving of your choice on the outside and the front surface. And, if you want to make it that little bit extra special, you can even add a secret message of up to 600 characters on the underneath.

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3. Magnetic wooden knife block

Now this is a truly magnificent wedding gift. A knife rack crafted from the world’s finest timber with a strong magnet tucked away inside to effortlessly hold your knives in place.


Shop Knife Holders

These knife blocks are available in small, medium or large, and can be personalised for the newly-weds with an engraving of your choice. You can even add symbols such as hearts and stars.

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4. Personalise wall plaques

These personalised wall plaques come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Choose from either oak or walnut, and add a border or even symbols to make this wedding gift one of a kind.


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You’ll notice in seconds how precise the engraving is, and the high quality of the timber. This is a truly unique wedding gift idea that will remain in the home of the happy couple for a lifetime.

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5. Personalise tea cup tray

This wedding gift is both simple and elegant. A personalised tea cup tray with the names of the newly-weds engraved. There’s no need for coasters when you can keep this little piece of craftsmanship in the centre of your coffee table.


Shop Tea Trays

You can personalise the front and back of the tea cup tray, and if you want to make it that little bit extra special, you can also add a secret message of up to 150 characters on the underneath.

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6. His & Hers phone & tablet holder

Another design that’s perfect for a wedding gift – an engraved phone and tablet holder for the both of them to store their phones, tablets, mail, passports and anything else they wish to keep organised and together in a safe place.


Shop Phone Holders

A popular engraving for this product is “HIS & HERS | ALWAYS IN SYNC”, but you can personalise the front, back and underneath with whatever you wish. Names, dates, quotes or even coordinates of the location of the wedding or where they first met.

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7. Personalised wooden ring box

What could possibly be a more perfect way to store engagement and wedding rings than a high quality, personalised ring box that was received as a wedding gift on the big day?


Shop Ring Boxes

This elegant little gift is hand-crafted from some of the highest quality oak in the world, before being repeatedly hand-sanded and coated in layers of fine oils, ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

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8. Personalised carving boards

A MakeMeSomethingSpecial classic… the engraved carving board. Amongst the highest quality carving boards available on the market today. These boards come in two sizes and have a number of personalisation options available.


Shop Carving Boards

Add grooves, wells, spouts, spikes, symbols and a special message of up to 600 characters on the underneath. This really is the perfect wedding gift.

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9. Engraved oak wine rack

Next, we have another particularly luxurious wedding gift idea… An engraved oak wine rack. These racks can be crafted to hold anything from 1 bottle to 10, and are available in either oak or walnut.

personalised engraved solid oak wine rack

Shop Wine Racks

These racks are truly stunning and look beautiful sat on a cabinet or shelf. Symbols and special messages can also be engraved. You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate this wedding gift.

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10. Salt & pepper pinch bowls

Simple and stunning – these salt and pepper pinch bowls have proven to be very popular recently. The bowls are ideal for keeping alongside you whilst you cook, and look great centred on a dinner table.


Shop Salt & Pepper Bowls

The front, back and underneath can all be personalised with an engraving of your choice. The bowl looks particularly good in walnut, and is also available in a other sizes.

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11. Personalised tea light holders

These personalised wooden tea light holders are absolutely stunning and can be made in practically any size. They look great on a fireplace, a cabinet, a shelf or as a centrepiece on the dining table.


Shop Tea Light Holders

The tea light holders can be crafted from either oak or walnut and can of course be personalised with an engraving of your choice. Add symbols like hearts and stars to make it extra special for the newly weds.

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12. Engraved oak bath rack

What a wonderful way for the young couple to relax after a long day. This engraved oak bath rack looks stunning in a nice bathroom and makes bath time something to look forward to.

Personalised Wooden Gifts UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.co.uk

Shop Bath Racks

Personalise this bath rack with an engraving of your choice and add stars or hearts to add extra character. The newly-weds are going to love it.

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13. Magnetic key holder

This magnetic key holder is a very unique wedding gift. It’s ideal for sitting on the wall in the porch, ready for people to place their keys on when they get home.


Shop Key Organisers

A very strong magnet is hidden inside the high quality oak frame. Personalise the key rack with the standard engraving of “FAMILY KEYS” or add the surname of the married couple.

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15. Magnetic memo board

Last but not least, this personalised magnetic memo board is a wonderful idea for a wedding gift, as it can be used from the beginning of the newly-weds’ marriage and added to throughout their time together.


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The memo board is available in two sizes and can be engraved with your own choice of words, as well as symbols such as hearts and stars.

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