Maple is a Fabulous Timber

General | 24th Oct

I recently got an order for a Personalised Maple Carving Board and I have to say I have never made one until now. I have made hundreds of oak carving boards. Walnut too. Cherry is also proving to be very popular. We’ve made lots of Maple chopping boards but Maple Carving boards – not one.

I think it is because it’s not the first choice when you think of a wooden chopping or carving board. Oak is the obvious choice as with a lot of things in the home, doors, furniture etc.

I do think that if you have an oak worktop in your kitchen then why not have a board that stands out. I must tell you that Maple is just fabulous as timbers go. It is so hard – getting on for 30% harder than oak.

The best thing though is it cleans up so well! It has such a tight grain structure, similar to Beech, but more so and once it’s sanded smooth and finished it will take some serious abuse. It is the perfect timber for chopping boards and carving boards, as well as cheese boards and draining boards.

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Maple is one of the hardest timbers on the planet – especially Black Rock Maple which has such a spectacular grain and its hardness is without compare.

A strange name for such a pale timber but it actually comes from the deep purple leaves of the tree. It comes from areas in America where the winters are hard. The Northern States like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (the home of Maple Syrup) and from Southern Canada where you will find snow on the ground for five months of the year.

If you ever hear the words Black Rock Maple you know you are onto a winner what ever you are buying.

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Our personalised maple cheese boards  are very popular, that and large kitchen chopping boards. Maple is very stable if you want a very large chopping board. Some of the largest boards kitchen boards we have made to date have been constructed from solid American Maple.

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Bespoke maple chopping boards like this are very enjoyable to make and show just how beautiful our timber really is. We very recently made a large pasty board from maple which had to be made slightly thinner in order to fit into the customers cupboard.

The board itself was large with routed handles. Now, if this was to be made from oak we would seriously advised against making the board to 3.5cm thick but with Maple it doesn’t pose to much of a problem.

Maple chopping boards – what a beautiful idea!

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