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Black Rock Maple

Maple is one of the hardest timbers on the planet – especially Black Rock Maple which has such a spectacular grain and its hardness is without compare.

If I was to describe it, I would say it has a translucent water-like reflective appearance once finished. Unlike other timbers it seems to have no natural weaknesses, no splits or open pores. It’s grain is so tight that I would say it is the wooden equivalent of lead.


Black Rock Maple has a bizarre name because it is such a pale timber. The name actually comes from the leaves of the tree, which are a deep dark purple. It is found in areas of America where the winters are incredibly hard. The Northern States like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (the home of Maple Syrup) and from Southern Canada where you will find snow on the ground for five months of the year.

Maple is around 30% harder than Oak, which when it comes to a chopping board, it is a chefs preferred choice. As with timbers like our Cherry and Walnut, Maple has a beautiful subtle grain structure and is often used in fine furniture making.

Conclusion: Maple is an ideal timber for kitchen boards.

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