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  • 7 Inspirational Gift Ideas You’re Going to Love!

    Need inspiration? It can be difficult to find the perfect gift. Before Make Me Something Special was born, I knew exactly what it was like… especially for a 5th wedding anniversary. Wood isn’t the first thing you might think of when you want something luxurious, but you would be surprised! A gift that is handmade in UK by skilled hands…

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  • Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes, as Made for Prince George

    Children’s bedrooms and nursery’s can often get very messy. Toys are thrown around and left on floor, which is of course part of being a child, but they need to have somewhere to store their toys neatly away once they’re done playing. So, what better way to encourage a child to tidy away their own toys than having their very…

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  • Bespoke Wooden Gifts: The Collection

    We receive all kinds of requests and questions about how flexible we are when it comes to making our bespoke wooden gifts. The truth is… we love a challenge and we’re always up for trying something new. So, when a customer comes to us with something we haven’t done before, we can’t wait to get started. Today, we’re showing you…

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  • Cutting, Carving & Chopping: Bespoke Kitchen Boards of all Kinds

    Bespoke… wood… kitchen boards. Everything MakeMeSomethingSpecial knows and loves. It is all about the quality with our kitchen boards. Though the carvings are very impressive, the quality of the timber we use is also very visible in our boards. Bespoke chopping and serving boards are something we have been doing for years, and we know they take a lot of…

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  • Personalised Wooden Bath Tray: The Perfect Christmas Gift for Her

    It’s not long until we have to start ticking off the Christmas list for our loved ones, so MakeMeSomethingSpecial have been busy in the workshop coming up with truly special and unique wooden gifts. Today, we’re thinking about her, and what could be a more perfect gift than our personalised wooden bath tray? Shop Bath Racks Our personalised bath trays…

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