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5 Personalised House Signs You’re Going to Love

Calling all homeowners, B&Bs, hotels and small businesses… You’re going to love these personalised wooden house signs. Each one, like the rest of our products, is hand-crafted from the finest timber in the world and personalised individually upon customer request. Thanks to the layers of Liberon oils applied to the posts, they’re able to withstand all forms of weather – not to be taken for granted in the UK!

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This first house sign is a personalised sign post with painted black engraving. Simple in design, this sign post is ideal for placing at the end of a long drive or country lane, and suits any style of property. Lettering can be filled painted in almost any colour, but we often use darker colours for signs, as they’re often required to be seen clearly from a distance.

View the personalised sign post in the shop.

Another beautiful and simple design. This premium double-posted wooden house sign is very popular amongst homeowners in particular. The two pointed posts hold between them a perfectly hand-sanded plaque, again featuring an engraving that has been painted black for a more bold finish. This design looks particularly good embedded in the front lawn above some nice green grass.

View the premium free-standing house sign in the shop.

Here we have a much more rustic wooden house sign, standing freely on a porch wall. There’s something very mesmerising about a piece of art that is both rugged and finished with define detail. Countryside cottages are where this wooden sign sits best.

View this rustic wooden house sign in the shop.

This next sign post features a simple pointing arrow design, making it more suited to houses, B&Bs and hotels that are out of sight and to be approached by hidden country lanes. Like the other designs, this house sign is engraved with the property name, only this time the engraved lettering in painted white for a much softer finish.

View this personalised arrowed house sign in the shop

Now, this design is simple and subtle, and is clearly more suited to front door and porch placement. Personalise this little piece of art with the house name, house number or family surname. You could even engrave a small welcome message.

View this personalised house number sign in the shop.

There are many more personalised house sign designs available in our store, all of which can be personalised however you like. You can take a look at the collection here.

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