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Premium Rustic Free Standing House Signs

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1 review for Premium Rustic Free Standing House Signs

  1. Client Review

    Hi Ben
    Alderside sign delivered safely last week. Family presentation to Dad this weekend who opened it with all family here together. We were all absolutely delighted with it and are looking forward to erecting it when we can agree on the best position to site it – bit of a dispute going on but we’re getting there – we could really do with 2 signs or a narrower driveway !!!!
    Thank you so much for doing such a great job – we especially love the tree design and hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

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Finish: Untreated, Superior Danish Oil or Diamond Coating

Aftercare: Product maintenance is very important. If you have chosen your product to be left untreated, your product will fade to a pale silver in time. We recommend a pressure wash or a sand once a year to remove any moss or unwanted mess on the timber and then treat with an exterior oil to slow down decay.

Danish Oil – If you have chosen Danish oil we recommend you continue to treat your product with Danish oil or similar timber treatment oil to protect the timber and stop it drying out. This will also help to prevent staining, discolouration, cracking and warping.

Dimond Coating – If you have chosen Dimond Coating, top up kits can be purchased on our website or over the phone. We would recommend you treat your product once a year minimum. Twice a year if you want to maintain full protection.

About Timber: Natural timber will always want to move. It’s going to expand and shrink as the temperature and humidity changes in your home and outside, rest assured it won’t change drastically. Small hairline splits may occur as your product ages, this is completely normal and is regarded as part of the timbers natural beauty. As the seasons change you may see some movement in your product, again this is completely normal.

About Live Edge: The natural live edge will include no bark. It is all removed at the sawmill or by us at the production stage. Bark will contain worm and other small insects that is why it is taken away. The remaining edge will show evidence of natural activity of woodworm and holes in the live edge and surrounding area. These will be filled by us during production using wood coloured wax. Any splits found in the board during manufacture will also be filled by us.

Live edges are very soft compared to the heart wood of the timber board. It is very porous and will weather a lot faster in outdoor conditions. Regular oiling and Diamond Coating will need to be added to stop it from weathering. It is a difficult part of the timber board to seal. Please bear this in mind when ordering our live edge signs.

Air-dried oak: Your product has been made using Air-dried timber. This is has been seasoned for outdoor conditions. Do not keep exterior products indoors.

If you need any help or advise on how to maintain your product please contact us or consult your care guide.

Design & Made: Handmade to order in the UK

Material: Made from solid English Oak


Small Sign, 1 post — 3.5cm thick x 15cm tall x 50cm wide

Small Sign, 2 posts — 3.5cm thick x 15cm tall x 50cm – 100cm wide

Large Sign on, 1 post — 3.5cm thick x 25cm tall x 50cm wide

Large Sign, 2 posts — 3.5cm thick x 25cm tall x 50cm – 100cm wide

Posts Size — 8cm x 8cm x 1.2 metres

All signs come fully assembled or flat packed.

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Product Description: Premium Rustic Free Standing House Signs

These premium free standing house signs feature a rustic natural edge.

This is our luxurious handmade heavy duty wooden house sign with a live edge, which means the natural waney edge of the tree. The natural edge is a beautiful feature of these solid oak house signs, that runs the full length of the sign plaque, giving the signs a stunning organic and rustic feel.

These live edge oak house signs are created from hand-selected Superior Grade English Oak and made to considerable thickness. We spare no expense when it comes to these beautiful wooden signs. If you want something that is of superior quality, made with exceptional attention to detail, to a truly stunning flawless finish, you will not be disappointed. These really are the finest and mightiest wooden house signs available on the market. All our standing house signs come already assembled, using traditional joinery techniques, making them extremely hardwearing. There is nothing to do to the sign except getting it in the ground.

Sign sizes:

We offer 2 sizes, small and large, giving you the flexibility of having your house name on 1 or over 2 lines if required. Either size sign can then be fitted with 1 or 2 solid oak posts which allow you to customise your sign to suit your requirements. Please see below for the sign dimensions:

The sign plaque itself is made from 3.5cm thick solid oak and mounted on huge 8cm thick x 1.2 metres long posts, so there is plenty of timber to bury into the ground and to keep them very sturdy once in place.

The length of the sign plaques will vary due to the amount of lettering that is required. Anywhere between 50cm and 1 metre depending on how many characters there are. We will always allow plenty of room either side of your lettering to give your house sign a well-proportioned look. You also have the option of making the first letter of your engraved lettering larger than the rest of the characters if you wish. Please see our images.

Engraving and Colour Options:

All prices given will include engraving. You can then choose to leave the lettering plain or have it paint filled. We offer White, Black and Grey. The paint application we supply is three coats of water-resistant acrylic paint, giving plenty of protection for the years to come.

Additional carvings such as carved arrows can be added by request. Please contact us for these.


As with everything we do here at Make Me Something Special, we have spent the time researching and sourcing the perfect materials available. Each engraved oak sign is handmade from one piece of Air Dried Superior Grade English Oak. This Timber is perfectly seasoned and adjusted for outdoor conditions. You can choose to leave your sign untreated, finished in Superior Danish Oil or our low maintenance Diamond Coating finish. If you choose untreated your product will weather to a pale silver more quickly. Danish Oil will not only treat the timber but also bring out the timbers natural colour. This has a UV filter to protect the timber but it does require regular upkeep. 2 – 4 times a year to keep it looking its best. Diamond Coating is more glossy but a lot more harder wearing and only requires a top up once a year, however this depend on the weather and where the product is placed. We would recommend twice a year if you want full protection. Top up kits can be ordered over the phone or on our website – see here. 

Assembled or Unassembled:

You can choose to have your free standing house sign fully assembled ready to place or flat packed. Fitting the sign to the post is a very simple process requiring only a couple of bolts. Choosing your Sign unassembled means you will also save on postage as the parcel is far less bulky.

Placing your Sign:

When it come to place your sign, we recommend you place 30 – 50cm into the ground and fill with concrete for stability and security reasons.

Dimensions & Character quantities:

Small Sign on one post:

3.5cm thick x 20cm tall x up to 50cm wide (1.5” x 8” x 20”) ~ up to 20 characters

Small Sign on two posts:

3.5cm thick x 20cm tall x from 50cm up to 1Metre wide (1.5” x 8” x 20 up to 40”) ~ up to 20 characters

Large Sign on one post:

3.5cm thick x 25cm tall x fun to 50cm wide (1.5” x 10” x 20”’) ~ up to 30 characters over two rows

Large Sign on two posts:

3.5cm thick x 25cm tall x 50cm up to 1Metre wide (1.5” x 10” x 20” up to 40”) ~ up to 30 characters over two rows

Bespoke Signs: 

We can always bespoke make house signs to suit you specific needs. We can make these in any size and shape, from a single number to a house name or even a multiple tier sign for several property names.

Estimated Delivery Time:

7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

Please Note:

All of our engraved oak signs are made to order. All engravings are in capitals. For lower case lettering, this can be requested at the time of order. Please add this to the note section at checkout or you can contact us via email or phone. All sizes are approximate.

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