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| 18th Sep

Here is something you don’t see every day…

…Your own hand writing engraved on a wooden gift.

It is very simple to do. Make Me Something Special can not only carve you personalised inscription in various classic fonts but if you like, you can send us your handwritten inscription by email or by post and we can copy it and carve it onto your chosen product.


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This is one of our personalised wooden chopping boards with a lipped edge. Handmade from beautiful solid American Black Walnut. This was commissioned by a customer who wished to have her own handwriting carved on the front face instead of the usual Times New Roman-type font was usually use.

‘Not a problem,’ we said.

This is what we do here at Make Me Something Special, we create things that YOU want, your ideas and designs. Nothing to too much trouble.

engraved-hand-writing-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukThis particular engraved chopping board featured personalised text on both the back as well as the front. The handwritten inscription continues to the smaller rear face. This is a very special and very personal kitchen board which is go into be around for many years and used and enjoyed every day.

You don’t have to stick to chopping boards either, we can engrave your choose message, in your own handwriting, on any of our personalised wooden gifts, be it our egg trays, toast racks, garden swings or any other of our engraved gift range.

Unique gifts aside for a second, I just want to briefly talk about this particular chopping board. The quality of the timber was so stunning and striking I just have to tell you about it.

It was constructed from our highly prized American Black Walnut, which if you don’t know, is such a pretty timber! It is by far the finest look timber we use. It is considered the most highly prized of all the furniture hardwoods used around the world for fine furniture making.

Even though we have tried to capture the sheer quality and depth of colour this fabulous timber offers, these images still don’t do it justice.

walnut-kitchen-boards-uk-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukThe three-dimensional texture of the grain is one without compare. The only thing that looks better than this American Black Walnut chopping board is an End grain American Black Walnut chopping board. You can just see the end grain here, above, where the colours and depth is magnified 10 fold. Quite amazing really.


If you want a chopping board for your kitchen, walnut is a great choice. It looks great, it is very durable, light weight and very resistant to moisture. On a whole, things like this are worth every penny.


If you would like us to make you a stunning personalised chopping board in American Black Walnut or you would like to have your own hand writing inscribed onto one of our beautiful products, then please get in touch.

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