Wooden House Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey

Are you looking for a perfectly hand-crafted oak wooden house sign for your property?

Crafted right here in Surrey from the finest timbers, MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s engraved oak house signs couldn’t be more perfect.

Oak House Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey

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We are MakeMeSomethingSpecial and we specialise in engraved wooden gifts as well as many bespoke made wooden storage solutions and other household items that are just fabulous.

Wooden House Name Signs using English Oak

The English oak has a magnificent splendour all of its own, with stunning variations in grain, texture and colour and often small pin knots and burrs are an attractive feature. English oak is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. If maintained correctly it will last a lifetime and we can all enjoy the benefits of its strength and sturdiness.

The engraved oak signs we produce are of superior quality. Even large oak signs for schools and businesses we manufacture are put together with rigorous attention to detail. Each section of the sign plaque are reinforced with internal hardwood dowelling making sure they do not come apart. The joins are colour matched and sanded through multi belt drum sanders giving a perfectly plat surface.


Once we attached the post and apply our finish, all by hand, you get a feel of what we can achieve as a company, though a very small family run business, the work we produce is without doubt extraordinary. Every surface is silky smooth and treated either with Superior Danish Oil or our low mainatance Diamond Coating finish. The lettering can be left plain or paint filled with acrylic paint. Our standard colours are Black, White and Grey but we can use any number of colours if required. engraved-wooden-signs-for-sale-makemesomethingspecial.com

Personalised House Name Signs

These engraved oak house name signs are exquisite – you will not find better! Handmade from locally sourced English Oak in our workshop in the Surrey Hills, all of our wooden gifts are crafted from wood that comes from 20 miles away in West Sussex, hand selected by us to ensure the highest quality. The house signs – like the rest of our wooden gifts – are built to last and can be cherished for a lifetime.

Wooden House Name Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey

We have many different options to choose from, something for every house and location, so your sign will be completely unique and original. You have a choice of purchasing from our standard range of engraved oak house signs, the wooden sign plaques are 25mm thick with post measuring 5cm square. Or you might want to go for our exquisite premium personalised house size range.


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Wooden Wall Hanging House Signs:

House Name Plaque Crafted by MakeMeSomethingSpecial

Beautiful solid oak wall hanging signs that will show off your house name proudly. Available in three standard sizes and come fitted with our invisible screw head fixings – so no fittings on display once your sign is up.

Free standing Wooden House Signs: 

Wooden House Signs

Stunning, mighty wooden signs on posts. Available on one or two posts and two styles and two finishes. If you want to make a statement this is like no other sign on the market. Our handmade free standing wooden signs are fully assembled, ready to be put into the ground. Constructed using traditional joinery techniques.

House signs with pointing Arrows:

engraved oak signs

These are great if you need to direct people to your location. These beautiful wooden arrow house signs are made in the same way as our standing house signs but feature the carved arrow on either side of the house name.

We also make these for walls or gates. Nothing is to much trouble. We also can carve an arrow within the sign boar itself if you want to keep everyone together. Our engraved arrows look fantastic.

engraved wooden house sign


Bespoke Wooden House Signs:

Engraved Oak House Signs Crafted by Hand

Unique House Name Plaques Crafted By Hand

Here’s something a little different. We can make wooden house name plaques and signs to suit your every wish, if you fancy a sign that is unique we can help this happen.

Rustic Wooden House Signs:

Bespoke Oak House Signs

These Waney Edge rustic wooden house signs, made from one piece solid oak feature the tree natural edge with the bark still left on if we can. A classic oak house sign with a drift wood appearance. Comes with our invisible fixings too.

If you like that natural feel, the natural edge of the tree is a striking eye catching feature. Personally I love a live edge oak sign, it makes a wooden sign that more interesting and unique. We can create rustic oak house signs for wall hanging and free standing on posts.


Note the oak sign post on the left is taller than on the right to work with this rustic natural edge house sign irregular shape.

Carved motifs like trees, butterflies and other additions can be included as an optional extra. We can carve most things, we have around 3000 carvings on file to choose from. However we offer a complete bespoke service when it comes to makes wood house signs, so unique additions, fonts, logos, crests, coats of arms can be included.

Tiered Wooden House Signs:

Oak House Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

For your business, a cluster of barns or a private road, these handmade, beautiful wooden house signs look chunky and scream quality. Made to order, we can create these in what ever arrangement you like with as many tiers you need.

Again using traditional joinery techniques, these joined post and plaque oak signs are chunky, hard wearing and built to last many many years.

A lot of people refer to these as wooden ladder signs, with rungs as the name for each oak sign board. We can make these with any number of tires. The largest so far being 9 rungs.

For communities or private roads sign like this can be tailor made to suit the layout and position of each house location. Carved directional arrows can be included, facing in any direction or even pointing hand motifs.

Wooden Business Signs:

Oak House Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

Like with our oak house signs we put the same time and care into our wooden engraved business signs. Made to order, we can carve your company logo exactly, even if your logo includes highly decorative designs or features detailed images, we can copy it and carve it.

Wooden Number House Signs:


From one number up to four or more. We make beautiful wooden house number signs with quality and long life in mind. They may be small but the finish and quality of timber is no different.

Oak Sign Posts:

Oak House Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

An alternative to the traditional wooden house sign. These stunning solid oak sign posts truly make an impression. 100mm thick solid, air dried, English Oak is the only thing good enough for our wooden sign posts. You will love this design if you want your house name to stand out amongst the crowd.

Available in two sizes and can be carved on one or all four sides.

Sign posts are totally unique and are an eye catching way to spot your house by couriers or the postman if you happen to live in the middle of nowhere or in a hard to find location. Dictional finger pointing signs can be attached to oak sign posts. As many as required facing in any direction.

Finger pointing signs:



Signs like these are striking, with to without arrow pointing cut sign plaques. We have made many of these for car parks, community centres, public houses, Golf courses… an engraved oak sign does look stunning in comparison to painted or vinyl signs:

bespoke-oak-finger-pointing-signs-makemesomethingspecial.comengraved-wooden-road-signs-makemesomethingspecial.comMulti directional oak signs posts can be created  to order, sometimes a little unconventional like this milestone post example. Mile stone posts are stunning. 

Green Burial Markers:



Stunning in every way. Our wooden alternative to a head stone are make to such care and attention to detail. We don’t just engrave lettering, we can carved motif of your choice, be it a tree like in this example, a butterfly, a heart, birds, animals – whatever you want – we can do it.

and Wooden Wall Plaques:

Oak House Signs Crafted by Hand in Surrey from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

All of our wooden wall plaques are simply stunning. We’ve made these for so many different events, individuals, 5th wedding anniversaries, weddings, building, opening ceremonies, awards and memorials. See a design you like?

If you’d like to talk to us about personalising your own oak house signs or request some more information, give us a call now on 01252 703 196 or send us a message via our contact form.

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