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General | 10th Jan

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Very excited…!

We have just launched our very popular wooden magnetic knife racks and knife blocks in a further three beautiful timbers.

American Black Rock Maple

North American Cherry

North American Black walnut 

If you have never saw these kinds of timber before, I would definitely recommend visiting our website and taking a look around.

Chef Knives, Knife Racks & Knife Blocks from

Shown above: Our all new Magnetic Knife Racks in solid American Black Walnut, holding magnetically are soon to be available – Kai Shun kitchen knife range.

Our Knife Blocks and Knife Racks are constructed from the same high quality, furniture grade timbers that we use to construct our wooden chopping boards. These beautiful, slow-grown timbers are renowned for their sheer beauty and have a hardness and density unlike any other timbers found in the world.

Up until now our knife racks and stands were only available in American White Oak. However, since their launch at the Country Living Show, Islington, London, Christmas 2013, we have been asked repeatedly to make knife holders in our other timbers and especially after my wife and business partner Davina and her sister both ordered Magnetic Knife Holders in Walnut for Christmas presents – New Year 2014 seemed to be the time.

Also we have a new knife stand to show off this year. For those who want the knife rack style holder but on the counter top. I give you our new Magnetic knife stand…

Chef Knives, Knife Racks & Knife Blocks from

It is a beautiful thing! Both sides are magnetic and shaped in a way for the large/longer knives to be positioned at the back where it is larger and your smaller utility and peeling knives and the front. It will even hold your knife sharpener.

Chef Knives, Knife Racks & Knife Blocks from

Have one of these along side a good quality butchers block chopping board and you are all set – amazing!

You will enjoy every minute using this, I know – I have a wall rack now in walnut and it is just stunning stunning stunning!

It really makes me look forward to cooking more. Good kit is great. I would definitely recommend any of our wooden knife holders, which ever one you think looks or will suit you best – they are all stunning.

Chef Knives, Knife Racks & Knife Blocks from

With personalisation too, you could give this to a loved one and they are going to love you forever!

Solid wood magnetic knife holders for the kitchen – handcrafted in the Surrey Hills

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We received an image of one of our knife racks from a customer with his selection of Kai Shun Kitchen Knives.

Ironically, we were deciding on retailing Kai Shun knives just as this image arrived. The combination of the two products do go together very well.

Hidden magnets within the oak block adds to the illusion that the knives are just simply hanging on the oak face – its makes me smile even now after making these over and over again – it’s nice to be proud of ones own work.

Wooden magnetic Knife Racks are also very attractive and work well if you are limited on counter space. Made from the same American Hardwoods and hidden magnets create the same illusion – even more so when the knives are hanging from a wall.

Knife Racks from

One thing is worth bearing in mind if you going to invest a considerable sum of money in Chef Knives like Kai Shun, it’s worth getting a good quality wooden chopping board to go with them. Kai Shun knives are only to be used of plastic or wooden chopping boards – never stone or glass – god forbid!

One of our handmade long grain chopping boards makes an ideal companion for good quality kitchen knife.


Or if you really want something special, choose one of our handmade end grain chopping boards. This is really kind to knife blades and has an unbelievable tough chopping surface.

If you have any questions about one of the products you saw in this post or would like to place a bespoke order, send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on the number on Tel: 01252 703 196. We’d love to hear from you.


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