Category: Gifts for Children

  • Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes

    Crafted from the finest timber and engraved with words that will never fade – these high quality, hand-made personalised wooden toy boxes for children are to be cherished for a lifetime… This Solid Oak Personalised Wooden Toybox was hand-crafted here at the MakeMeSomethingSpecial workshop in the Surrey hills. All of our personalised wooden gifts are guaranteed to please, so if…

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  • Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes, as Made for Prince George

    Children’s bedrooms and nursery’s can often get very messy. Toys are thrown around and left on floor, which is of course part of being a child, but they need to have somewhere to store their toys neatly away once they’re done playing. So, what better way to encourage a child to tidy away their own toys than having their very…

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