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Well… What can I say? We have been very busy with toy boxes this month!unique-custom-made-personalised-toy-boxes-uk-makemesomethingspecial.com

Amazingly, there are more of these handmade toy boxes inside our workshop. We had 17 of these stunning children’s toy boxes going out on the same day. That was quite a busy day… Phew!

Parents and Grandparents have been busy ordering these handmade toy boxes for their very lucky children and grandchildren who will be using these beautiful engraved wooden bespoke toy boxes to store their toys in. Best of all though, which I am told when a customer has played an order with me personally, is they can see their chosen toy box being used for years and years to come and might even still be used when the child has become a teenager and still uses their toy box to store their work, or possibly as a memory box for the bits and bobs they they’ve collected and can’t bring themselves to get rid of.

Each toy box was about to be boxed inside their very own box (a box inside a box) to be shipped out by courier. We take no chances when these wonderful works of art leave our workshop, so we build these heavy-duty chip board containers to make sure they arrived undamaged at their chosen destination.wooden-toy-boxes-makemesomethingspecial.com

10 Solid oak toy boxes and 7 painted toy boxes in total. All with engravings on the front of the box. Some with our standard soft close hinges, others with our unique Hold Anywhere Hinges. Some with engraving on the lids, top and underside, some just happy as they are as standard.

That’s what’s quite lovely about this particular product. It’s a gift that requires a lot of thought and time to make it special – and not just by us. I am talking about each customer who has sat and thought about the lettering, the colour, the date (which has to right!), the special message that will forever be looked upon. It takes some serious consideration.custom-made-toy-boxes-makemesomethingspecial.com

It is a labour of love for us. We take our time with these wooden toy chests, making sure all details are correct and that the finish is perfect. Bespoke toy boxes as well. We often have to make these to order, to different dimensions to suit a customers requirements, so time and care is needed from start to finish.

As you can see, they are all flawless in finish…personalised-wooden-childrens-toy-boxes-makemesomethingspecial.com

We have added some new options to our engraved wooden toy boxes, so do keep a look out for these on our website. Further engraving has been added for the lid so long quotes can be added if required. Caved motifs have been added to the front of the box, giving a very unique feel to the finish as well as a brand new blue colour finish to our painted children’s toy box.

And here it is…blue-painted-toy-box-makemesomethingspecial.com

Pastel Blue. Very subtle and elegant colour for any little girl to boy. We also have White, Cream and French Grey and feature all of our new options to create your own unique engraved wooden toy box.

Here is our Cream painted toy box with carved butterflies, Oak lid upgrade and finished with a Winnie the Pooh quote on the underside of the lid.handmade-unique-toy-boxes-makemesomethingspecial.com

This is our all White coloured engraved toy box. With just engraved text on the front, nice and simple.


French Grey, a personal favourite, with oak lid and unique text layout on the front. Something we are very happy to do – something special for you.personalised-toy-box-makemesomethingspecial.com

I am still waiting for a customer to ask for soldiers on the front. Something classic and very British. I do love a unique one-off that show off what we can do. We have made many custom-made toy chests for children over the years and nothing is more fun than planning and creating a beautiful handcrafted masterpiece.

17 happy customer will be looking opening their creates to find their handmade wooden toy boxes inside. Many thanks for all who have placed order with us over the years, we hope you are enjoying using them as we have making them.

If you’re interested in order one of these stunning engraved wooden toy boxes, then please to not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you. For a closer look at our engraved wooden toy boxes, click here.

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