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Bespoke | 24th Jan

Good quality service is extremely important to our business.

This is why we present our customers with our fully bespoke service directly from our website that allows you to add personalised text, different sizes, configuration, gift wrap service as well. With things like our personalised wooden chopping boards you make additional changes such as grooves and bowls. No matter what engraved gift you are searching for, you will find nothing but the finest, handcrafted oak gifts available, there is plenty to choose from and unique and personal is what we do best.

Our exquisite wooden Draining Boards would make a grand addition to any kitchen. There are four different timbers that we offer and all are ideal for matching to your worktop or creating a statement with something that stands out. The full length staves (which means no small multiple joints) of timber making up the Draining Board are hand-picked and matched to produce outstanding build quality and finish that is second to none. Designed with style in mind our solid wood draining boards are simply unmatched!


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Our personalised Carving Boards follow the same beautiful finish and renowned attention to detail. We have two different options available for practicality and easy of use in mind.

Our Carving Board (available in two sizes) is a thing of staggering beauty with sloping draining grooves to direct any meat juices down into a collecting juice well to one side keeping the board’s centre juice free, reducing splashing when cutting and slicing large joints of meat.

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This Personalised wooden Carving Board features a corner well and poring spout. This seems to be the preferred choice for the guys. It follows the same principles but with this meat board you can lift and pour the juice directly into your gravy pan.


Available in four different highly prized timbers these magnificent personalised carving boards make the most fantastic table centre pieces. Thicker than the average board on the market to ensure stability and with personalised engraving, as a gift, these luxury wooden kitchen boards will be memorable no matter what the occasion.

Here at Make Me Something Special we have over 100 stunning personalised wooden products available to suit all occasions, people, tastes and budgets.

In our offices we are happy to offer helpful and friendly guidance throughout the order procedure. We are always happy to assist you.

For more information on these products, give us a call on 01252 703 196 or contact us directly.

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