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Bespoke, General | 29th Jun

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Here at Make Me Something Special we specialise in personalised wooden gifts. Form wooden chopping boards and cheese boards to iPad stands, benches for the garden and swings, from stunning personalised wooden tea light holders to beautiful wooden wall plaques. And this is where our engraved wooden grave markers come in the picture.

and these are as pretty as a picture. Really high quality, heavy duty and long lasting green burial markers.

Like with a lot of our personalised wooden gifts, we were originally asked to make one of these for a client who wanted to buy a green burial head stone but couldn’t find one she really liked. She want a rustic plaque on 2 posts with engraved lettering as well as a carved picture of a acorn and leaf.

The result was breath taking. This was the very first green burial marker we produced and since then after showing it on our website, the orders came flooding in.

I will state that our wooden head stones are not the cheapest out there, but, as with everything in this life – you get what you pay for. We pride ourselves on making only very very beautiful carved green grave signs and we spare no expense when we go about it.

We have three options to choose from.

Directly above is our engraved oak grave marker. Constructed from solid, locally sourced English Oak, this wooden grave marker comes fully assembles with a 35mm thick plaque mounted at 45 degrees on a 75mm x 600mm long post.

You can choose to have up to 100 characters, which is included in the price, or up to 200 characters for an additional fee. You can have anything you want engraved, including name, dates, special message, whatever you wish. You can also add carved symbols like carved hearts and stars as standard, as well as zodiac signs. However, you can also add carved motif like the dove below for a small extra fee.

A new addition to our green burial markers is this…

This is our Wooden Lawn Memorial plaque.

This is to go below ground, set into the lawn so a lawn mower can roll over the top. These can be made to any size – within reason and come with engraved letting on the surface face included in the price.

You can add paint filled letting as an option extra and also have a chose of finish. Superior Danish oil or our very hard wearing Diamond Coating.

If you want to know any more about our engraved wooden green burial markers, as well as on any of our other incredible personalised wooden gifts, then please call us on 01252 703 196.

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