Engraved Oak Swings with Rope

Bespoke | 17th Aug

Take a look at these stunning engraved oak swings with rope…


An oak swing is a thing of beauty, and can add character to any garden. What better way to spend a beautiful Summer’s day, than in the garden with the family, taking turns on the swing.

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The Finest English Oak Swing Seat…

Crafted from the of the world’s finest timber, you won’t find a wooden garden swing quite like this one anywhere else on the market. The furniture-grade English Oak is perfectly seasoned for outdoor conditions – even here in the UK.


The oak is sourced in West Sussex, less than 20 miles from our workshop. This gives our wooden garden swings a beautiful colour and grain unlike the regular mass produced garden swings.

The oak swing seats are beautifully finished. They’re repeatedly handed until silky smooth, before being coated with Liberian Superior Danish Oil. This fine oil is the perfect treatment for wood in out door conditions. It has a UV filter, which protects your swing seat from the sun light. As a result, the oak will maintain its lovely golden colour far longer. With regular treatment, your wooden swing seat will last for many many years.


Of course, if you can’t be doing with the upkeep, you can simply leave the weather to do its thing. This is because your oak swing will fade to a subtle silver colour, which is considered a look of natural beauty.

Alternatively, we have a solution for long lasting golden oak swing seat colour. We have our unique Diamond Coating, which is a Resin based finish that is about as hard as it gets when it comes to exterior oak treatment.

Synthetic hemp rope

It’s not just the quality of the oak that makes these wooden swings the best on the market. The rope it comes with is marine-standard synthetic hemp.


This strong and durable rope will not shrink, swell or rot in outdoor conditions. In fact, it’s likely to last even longer than the swing seat itself.

Personalise your garden swing…

The best thing about these oak garden swings is the engraving. This is the part that makes it truly special to you and your family.


Your chosen lettering will be intricately engraved to complete perfection. It is cut with accuracy and skill developed over years of experience in wooden engraving. It is embedded deep enough to catch the light in a way that makes the lettering look as if it has been painted black.

What’s better? You can personalise your oak swing however you like. Plus, you’re not limited to just lettering. You can add symbols such as stars and hearts, too.

If you’re buying a swing for someone as a gift, and you want to add something extra special, you’re in luck. As well as engraving the front and back of the swing, you can also add a special message on the underneath. With up to 600 characters to utilise, this part of the swing is where you really have the chance to say something special.


If you are looking for engraved oak garden tree swings, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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