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Oak Garden Swings

Personalised Oak Garden Swings from MakeMeSomethingSpecial

These Personalised Oak Garden Swings are handmade from a single piece of air-dried, Prime A Grade English Oak. This means the timber we use has been slowly drying out outside so it is perfectly seasoned and adjusted for challenging outdoor conditions. Each swing comes supplied with five meters of 20mm thick Synthetic Hemp rope, however if you need more we can supply as much as you need.

Oak Garden Swings from

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Oak garden swings from Make Me Something Special are absolutely perfect for hanging in your garden for quality family time on those sunny days that you can look back on throughout the years to come. Whether you want to engrave a message, a name, a date, house name, special message or every family name carved out on the edge the end result will be stunning!

Oak Garden Swings from The swing seats are finished with Liberon Superior Danish oil which apart from being very hard-wearing, water, heat and alcohol resistant it also has a UV filter so your swing will keep its golden colour for much longer. With regular care and treatment of oil, your swing will last you for years to come.

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes, to cater for adults and children alike. Let me show you what one of the things we enjoy making the most here at Make Me Something Special – our range of high quality garden swing seats.

Our Monkey Swing – a good all-rounder:

Oak Garden Swings from

Our Children’s Swing. Ideal for children up to 12 years:

Oak Garden Swings from

Our Round Swing – perfect for both kids and adults:

Oak Garden Swings from

Our Wooden Garden Swing – perfect for all ages:

Oak Garden Swings from

Our Large Garden Swing – A very heavy-duty and luxurious swing seat:

Oak Garden Swings from

Our Double Swing – It takes two…

Oak Garden Swings from

The days we spend in our gardens with our loved ones are the days we remember for the rest of our lives. In years to come when you look out of your window into the garden, you’ll see the swing and all the memories around it.

To take a closer look, visit our Oak Garden Swings page.

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