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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Perfect Wedding Present For The Couple That Has Everything!

When you are seriously stuck with what to get for that person who has everything, don’t fear… I have found the perfect solution! When pondering (for hours on end) about what to buy my sister, Fleur, and her fiance recently my husband came up with a fantastic idea… a double swing for their new garden.  It ticked all of the boxes… something to keep forever, something unusual that no one else would buy and something they could both use.


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I then came across Make Me Something Special who created exactly what I wanted.  The beautiful double wooden swing was delivered just two weeks after I ordered it, handmade using the finest English Oak (to make sure it will last) and beautifully carved with their initials and Wedding date.

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Make Me Something Special also have other fantastic ideas for personalised Wedding presents. I absolutely love their engraved chopping boards, that would also make great cheese boards… one for my Christmas list!


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After drifting all over the website I seemed to find more and more wooden gifts that I wanted all for myself! So many good ideas that had been turned into such perfectly crafted products.

I have seen a number of sites that sell products that would appear to be quite similar to those at MakeMeSomethingSpecial. Like any sane person would do, I shopped around and did my research.

It wasn’t long before I realised the difference between MakeMeSomethingSpecial and the other manufacturers – the other manufacturers seemed to take a much more ‘minimum spend, maximum profit’ approach to the way they ran their business. This only made me like MakeMeSomethingSpecial more.

Instead of selling cheap rubbish as ‘high quality products’, MakeMeSomethingSpecial actually use the highest quality wood available when crafting all of their gifts. Literally, the highest quality available.

Their mindset is nothing of what I would expect from a business. It’s like they live for the appreciation for the hard work that they actually put into these gifts. Profit doesn’t seem to be a priority… just customer satisfaction – like it should be!

It’s nice to know that this sort of business still exists. A business that completely revolves around making people feel good… and making them feel special.

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