Personalised Christmas Wooden Reindeer


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Personalised Christmas Wooden Reindeer


We started making these a couple of years back and they have proven to be a popular festive decoration.

A solid English oak reindeer measuring roughly 35mm thick x 150mm tall x 150mm wide. A very beautiful wooden cutout, with a lovely graceful feel. I am particularly proud of the body shape – especially the antlers. These are around 2mm wide at the thinnest point but, due to their depth, are still strong and look great.

A lot of hand finishing goes into these pretty little wooden reindeer, each and every gap and crevice had to be smoothed, all by hand, until they were soft to the touch. If you’ve ever oiled a piece to oak before, you will know the grain soaked up the oil like a sponge and then, the grain, if not properly smoothed, will stand up like a wire brush, so we use tiny little files and lengths of rolled up sand paper to get these wooden figures ready.

Great shaped antlers. The make of a reindeer, especially Santa’s reindeer. This one is Rudolph, which was engraved on one side in capitals. All nine reindeer were engraved with their name, centred and in proportion.


You can choose name of a specific reindeer from Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph or your own personalised name


2.5cm wide and 15cm tall x 15cm width approximately.

Estimated Delivery Time:

7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

Please Note:

All engravings are in capitals. For lower case lettering, this can be requested at the time of order. Please add this to the note section at checkout or you can contact us via email or phone. All sizes are approximate.

Not intended to be used as a toy.

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