Engraved Oak Sleeper Bench

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Aftercare: Product maintenance is very important. If you have chosen your product to be left untreated, your product will fade to a pale silver in time. We recommend a pressure wash or a sand once a year to remove any moss or unwanted mess on the timber.

About Timber: Natural timber is always want to move. It’s going to expand and shrink as the temperature and humidity changes in your home and outside, rest assured it won’t change drastically. Green oak is timber sawn from recently felled trees. It has had no drying time. The surfaces of the timber will feature splits and cracks. These splits can get larger as the timber ages and begins to dry out, this is completely normal and is regarded as part of Green Oak beam material. As the seasons change you may see some movement in your product, again this is completely normal.

Do not keep exterior products indoors.

If you need any help or advise on how to maintain your product please contact us or consult your care guide.

Design & Made: Handmade to order in the UK

Material: Solid English Oak with Stainless Steel bolts


Small – 58cm tall x 20cm deep x 80cm wide (23” x 8” x 31.5”)

Medium – 40cm tall x 30cm deep x 1.2 metres wide (23” x 8” x 47”)

Large – 40cm tall x 30cm deep x 1.6metres wide (23” x 8” x 63”)

Small – 58cm tall x 20cm deep x 80cm wide (23” x 8” x 31.5”)

Medium – 40cm tall x 30cm deep x 1.2 metres wide (23” x 8” x 47”)

Large – 40cm tall x 30cm deep x 1.6metres wide (23” x 8” x 63”)

Product Description: Engraved Oak Sleeper Bench

This is our classic engraved oak sleeper bench. Handmade from English oak.

This chunky beautiful bench is hard wearing and solidly built. We used green oak beams which will feature some splits and cracks in the faces, it is all part of the charm of using solid oak beam material. The green oak being recently felled will be full of moisture meaning being placed outside in all year round weather is something this type of timber will handle very well which makes it a perfect railway sleeper bench for your garden.

There is no need to treat the timber, once placed just leave it to weather and turn pale silver.

The legs are fitted into the top bench seat beam for additional strength making this a really sturdy bench sleeper that will last for years. These oak sleeper benches will make beautiful memorials for loved ones and family.


Our personalised oak garden sleeper benches are available in three standard sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

Our small is 60cm long, which is perfect as a two seater. Our medium, measuring 120cm which works as an excellent three seater. And our Large, which measures 160cm wide, which is very comfortable as a four seater.

Our Oak beams measure 100mm thick x 200mm wide

Personalise Your Oak Sleeper Bench

Our beautiful wooden garden sleeper benches come with personalised engraved lettering on the front face included in the price. Perfect for names, dates, a favourite poem, quote or saying. Up to 100 characters on the front face. To personalise your oak railway sleeper bench further, you can add more lettering to the rear face if required. You can also add carved symbols like hearts, stars and other engraved motifs like zodiac signs. Take a look at the options available to you – Engraving options.

These stunning wooden benches look fantastic with coordinates of very special places and unforgettable times. You can find out the Latitude and Longitude by visiting – www.latlong.net

We can also engrave a secret or personal message for you on the underside of your bench, making your bench that little bit extra special. Something like a reading from your wedding day, a favourite poem or quote, something witty or just something secret you don’t want anyone else to see – but you know it’s there.

Sleeper Bench Security Ground Anchors:

If you are concerned about the security of your bench and want to protect your wooden garden bench from opportunistic thieves and vandals we can supply quick and easy-to-install ground anchor fixing kits for both hard and soft ground.

Crafted from rust-proof galvanised steel, our ground anchors will provide an extra level of garden furniture security.


Small – 58cm tall x 20cm deep x 80cm wide (23” x 8” x 31.5”)

Medium – 40cm tall x 30cm deep x 1.2 metres wide (23” x 8” x 47”)

Large – 40cm tall x 30cm deep x 1.6metres wide (23” x 8” x 63”)

Estimated Delivery Time:

7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

Please Note:

All our oak railway sleeper benches are handmade to order. All engravings are in capitals, for lower case lettering, this can be requested at time of order. Please add this to the note section at checkout or you can contact us via email or phone. All sizes are approximate. Please let us know if you intend to use your new bench inside or outside. Due to these benches being made from Green oak there will be splits and cracks in the faces on all sides. Some edges may have a small amount of live edge or bark. Cracks can appear over time and original splits can become larger. 

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