Personalised Wooden Twitter Logo

| 28th Jul

personalised wooden twitter logo

We have made many personalised wooden gifts over the years and this very famous logo, this personalised wooden twitter logo, is something we recently we commissioned to make.

This special little personalised oak gift gave us the idea for our new personalised wooden keepsake box or oak ring box.

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A simple little wooden ring box with a swivel lid, that matches so well it hides the opening. The lid, when shut, blends into the base. Secret – invisible.

What has this got to do with a Wooden twitter logo…? It is not just a piece of oak. The twitter bird has a secret. It opens up…

The thing we love to do most of all here at Make Me Something Special is create! Nothing gets me more excited, then when I have something clever to create. A problem to solve and being asked to do it is also a great privilege.

We have made lots of very beautiful wooden gifts for Royalty, Emma Bridgewater, Yeo Valley, ARM, Google, The National Trust, The Goring Hotel, Hamleys, Sky and the BBC, The Telegraph and many many others over the years and now Twitter.

This stunning little wooden twitter bird featured a small amount of engraved lettering on the inside. A quote: ‘Find your why’

And then, shuts again, to look like just the one wooden bird. The join is about as tight as it can get, and the two half rotate perfectly being held together at only one hinge point.

We even tried to make the grain and medullary rays to line up as best we could. This simple little engraved oak gift follows our rule when we do anything in our workshop in Surrey. We do it properly – ever time!

Well, it had to be perfect didn’t it. We really do pull out all the stops when on a mission to create something special and above all beautiful.

MMSS Bespoke works is where anything you want in wood can be made.

If you want to discuss ordering a bespoke wooden gift for your business, a client or that someone special, then contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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