Personalised Engraving in Hebrew

| 21st Mar

Personalised text is something we do every day, five days a week and we are often asked to engrave Hebrew.

Below is a few of the engraved Hebrew lettering and motifs we have done recently. The first was one of our personalised wooden tea light candle holders which featured large engraved text done the side face.

The text was very deeply carved and worked very well.

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All of tea light candle holders come with personalised engraving on one side included in the price, and if you want you can even have the other side engraved with your own personalised text if you wish. Ideal for names on one said and a wedding date on the other.

Though not shown in this picture, our tea light holders come with glass candle holder inserts got keep any stray wax away from the timber.

Both solid English Oak and American Black Walnut are available.



Another engraved Hebrew project we did recently was a personalised chopping board with engraved Hebrew text on one side and a large carved motif in the board’s centre.

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The chopping board was American Black Walnut and featured so very different contouring than our usual rectangular personalised chopping boards.

A very pretty kitchen board with a very pretty grain. A real joy to work on and create.

Because of the reduced edges of the chopping board, the hebrew text had to be made much smaller than usual but still retained that deep carved feel due to the very sharp – V shaped cutters we use. you would like something engraved with Hebrew, then please do get in touch. Either send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.


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