Engraved Wooden Honours Boards

| 9th Jun

Solid Oak Handcrafted Honours Boards, completely made to order from the ground up, our quality wooden honours boards are made with unbelievable attention to detail and finished to the highest of standards.

Bespoke Oak Honours Boards by MakeMeSomethingSpecial

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If you want an honours board that is really good – this is what you will receive.

Handmade Honours Board Example

The two customers who ordered honours boards from us are local Private School, Barrow Hills Witley, Surrey and Charter House School, Godalming, Surrey. The boards were for the end of school leavers.

Boards oak honours boards were very different but show what we are all about as a company. It’s all about the quality.

Handmade Wooden Leavers Honours Board

What makes this particular honours board special is the lettering. Most honours board normally have a painted text or stencil lettering.

Honours Boards Engraving

Our handmade honours board features engraved lettering, making the lettering very decorative and long lasting. It can never wash of or fade. We can then paint the lettering to make the text stand out ever more and the best thing is you can have any colour you want.

School Honours Boards With Coloured Engraving

The house at the school has lilac as there house colour which we have to copy. Something different then the traditional gold.

The black too is very striking against the honey colour of the oak.

Black Engraved Honours Board Handcrafted by MakeMeSomethingSpecial

We were very recently commissioned to make a school coffee table with the leavers names and the year for another local private school, Edgeborough, Frensham, Surrey.

Carved Wooden Table

This stunning bespoke oak coffee table we have made several times and I also marvel at the finish we manage to produce.

We start with a solid worktop like top. All handcrafted from solid English Oak, and mounted on a chunky leg frame. We then slowly route away the top of the table, down around 35mm out of a 45mm thick top, leaving a mound in the centre to become the school crest.

Handmade Carved Oak Coffee Table

Leavers 2016.

A raised banner with engraved lettering LEAVERS 2016. The shield itself in total is around 20mm tall, making it roughly 10mm from the original surface, which is intentional, as this stunning carved school crest is covered by a sheet of safety glass.

School Crest Carved Coffee Table

The effect is quite exquisite.

It looks as if we have stuck the layers on afterwards but this is not the case, the carved oak table is a one layer and skilfully carved until perfect.

Carved School Crest Onto Table

This is a earlier cared table top we did back in 2013.

This image shows the finished table with glass top in place an a fitted magazine rack shelf.

Handcrafted Wooden Coffee Table

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Our oak tables are fabulous and are extremely chunky and well made.

If you would like to order one of our personalised honours boards. oak tables or discuss a bespoke order, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196

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