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5th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift (Wood) Guide

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Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Looking for something special that they’ll both cherish? Here are some ideas for fifth wedding anniversary gifts: Five years married is a big moment and wood really does capture the strength and natural synergy of this milestone, echoing the partnership between two people in love. Wood’s simple beauty and ability to take on unique designs is why we love it so much. Like you, we want your 5th wedding anniversary gift to be as special to your loved one as you do. When it comes to creating something special for you, we’ll always listen to your specific requests and work hard to ensure your wooden anniversary gift is perfect in every way. Far from a mass production line, the team at MakeMeSomethingSpecial hand-make every gift to order, choosing the best quality oak and adding love and years of experience. We take pride in creating treasured gifts that you’ll love giving and that your loved couple will truly appreciate receiving. It’s why we’re the UK’s leading manufacturer of personalised wooden gifts. "Unlike any other provider of 5th Wedding Anniversary gifts..." With wood being the material of choice for fifth anniversary gifts, there really is no better place for a gift than here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial. We hand-craft our wooden gifts from Furniture Grade American Hardwoods, found in the Northern Appalachia Region of New England. We source our timber from sustainable Amish sawmills. You won't find quality like this anywhere else on the market.

Symbols of the Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Here are the symbols and meaning associated with the fifth wedding anniversary:

Why Wood For 5th Wedding Anniversaries?

Also known as ‘the wooden one’, a fifth anniversary is synonymous with gifts made from wood. This is because, as a couple, the partnership now enjoys the traits of a tree – rich in strength and wisdom. A wooden gift also represents the strong, deep roots it takes to grow a healthy, long-lasting tree. Just like the healthy relationship and strong partnership, it takes to reach five years of marriage. Trees face the challenge of life every day - winds, storms, rain and sun, and throughout all of it they stand resolute, drawing on their strength and connection to the earth to thrive. This challenge and synergy is just like a relationship between two people, tough times will come but the strength of marriage ensures that, together, they are stronger for it all. Of all the anniversary gifts, wood on a 5th has a real meaning that makes sense. Made from oak or similar hardwood, a wooden gift on a 5th anniversary will go on to last a lifetime, just like a strong relationship.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Here are some fifth wedding anniversary gifts for him that he’ll love, both modern and traditional: If you're looking for 5th wedding anniversary gifts for him, we’ve got you covered with a huge selection to choose from. All made from hardwood. If he likes to wind down at the end of the day with a nice cold bottled drink, then he’ll love our wall-mounted bottle opener. It hides a small magnet for those loose bottle caps and can sit conveniently next to the fridge or by his favourite seat in the living room. How about his favourite quote engraved and ready to put on the wall, or a personalised chopping block for the kitchen? We’ve got unique wooden anniversary gifts for him that will last a lifetime, all hand-made, wonderfully tactile and effortlessly stylish. Whatever he loves or however you want to celebrate the milestone with him, if you’re looking for the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gifts, we’ve got you covered with a huge selection to choose from. All made from either American Oak and local English Oak hardwood, whichever you prefer.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

Here are some fifth wedding anniversary gifts for her that she’ll love, all handmade and lovingly personalised: If she likes to make a house a home, she’ll love our engraved letters, available on their own or as initials. You could gift one of her cherished photos in an engraved photo frame, available in all sizes, or give her a simple and elegant wooden jewellery box. Our personalised wooden tea light holders are a sure thing if you want to impress her with something unique that she can use every day. For couples, consider a wooden wall poem plaque, a tea tray or engraved reminder of where they first met. Or, combine the best of tradition and technology with a wooden Alexa holder. If they love to cook, go for a stunning personalised chopping board, a wooden knife block or bespoke wooden wine rack. For the couple that loves the outdoors, why not buy them a wooden tree swing, a wooden planter, a garden bench or a wooden welly rack?

Personalise Your Fifth Anniversary Gift

Everything we make can be personalised with a name, message or engraving, from chopping boards to garden benches. For such a special occasion, it can make all the difference, it’s the perfect way to create a cherished gift that will be theirs for life. Personalised wooden anniversary gifts - how it works: Each personalised message or design we receive is hand-carved to order in our workshop in Surrey, England. You can give us your exact requirements or simply share your idea and let us create something special. Here’s how it works:

Wooden Anniversary Gifts - Handmade In Our Workshop

When you place your order for your fifth-anniversary gift through our website or over the phone, we receive it here in our Surrey workshop. We don’t outsource any part of your order and there’s no middle-man, we take care of everything ourselves. This is important because gift orders need to be completed accurately and to the highest standard, especially when working with unique wooden pieces. Because everything is in-house, no part of your request is lost in translation or between suppliers, we know exactly what you want to create and we speak directly to our craftsmen to explain your vision. This approach to making special gifts also guarantees complete ownership of the process and the end-product, ensuring we put all of our love, pride and expertise into your piece. It’s going to last a long time, so we want it to be perfect. Once we have your order, we get to work Everything is made to order. The only thing off the shelf is the American Oak and English Oak heartwood we stock onsite. Our skilled craftsmen hand-pick the wood and make your gift from first saw to final engraving, meticulously adding any personalisation. Who says we don’t make anything in this country? Your beautiful gift is proudly British-made, using skills passed down through generations, in the heart of the Surrey countryside. Our team are proud of what they do, which ensures the finish is superior and your gift will stand the test of time. We work to traditional values and craftsmanship, but we’re powered by state of the art equipment, ready to bring your 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas to life.

Sourced from sustainable Amish sawmills in New England (and 25-miles away in old England!)

All of our bespoke wooden gifts are made with either American Oak or English Oak, with both coming from England - let us explain! Our American Oak comes straight from Amish sawmills in the New England region of the USA, comprising the states Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. It’s called New England because it’s where the first settlers landed from England in the 17th century! As well as heritage and a strong link back to Britain, the New England Amish sawmills are completely sustainable, providing our high-quality oak without a high-price for the environment. Local oak, from just down the road Heading back over the pond and straight to our workshop - if you stood on the roof you could just about see the sustainable English Oak growing that we use to make our unique gifts. The oak we use couldn’t be more local and is harvested from less than 25-miles away, prepared and delivered direct to our workshop for us to keep in stock ready to use. As well as allowing us to keep the quality high by picking the wood while it’s still growing, such a close supply of oak means the carbon footprint of the wood transportation could only be lower if we set up in the middle of the forest! Being so close to a woodland sustainable of English Oak is a great benefit, but we still need the quality of the wood to be exceptional and wouldn’t accept anything less, even if it was so local. Thankfully, our local oak is some of the best in the country, allowing us to make 5th wedding anniversary gifts out of premium heartwood. You can learn more in the following section about how we only make your gifts out of this highest quality heart of the wood. Wooden Anniversary Gifts that stand the test of time Every product you will find on our site has been designed and hand-crafted by us in our Surrey Hills workshop with a considerable amount of care and attention to detail. Plus, all of our 5th wedding anniversary gifts can be personalised with an engraving of your choice, making it one of a kind. So, if you’re looking for fifth anniversary gift ideas, you won’t find another provider like us. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect gift, every time. It’s all about the quality here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial. Amongst the selection, you’ll find 5th wedding anniversary gifts for her, for him and for couples - we have something unique for everyone.

The Finest Wood, Straight From The Heart

We have some of the most skilled craftsmen, making over 200 stunning gift designs every day. But, they’d be nothing without the quality wood we source and use. Every piece comes from sustainable forestry and is hand-picked by us. From garden pegs to royal toy boxes, we make all of our items from the finest quality UK and US hardwood. Whether it’s the local English Oak from just 25-miles away, or the American Oak from the sustainable Amish sawmills in New England, we only ever use the heartwood of a tree. This is the most sturdy and highly-prized portion of the tree, and of course, the most expensive. Also known as duramen, Heartwood is the innermost wood within a tree. As well as being solid and strong, it’s also highly-resistant to degradation, which gives our gifts their long life. Heartwood also contains significantly more tannins than the rest of the tree's wood, giving it a darker colour and that unmistakable aromatic oak-wood smell. Each year, a tree will add another layer or two of heartwood, taken from the surrounding sapwood, until the sustainably-grown tree is ready to be harvested. Creating a real wow-factor Once felled and prepared, the majority of the heartwood is then Quarter Sawn to create a strong, warp-resistant structure that displays the ribbon-like pattern for a real wow-factor. If you want to treat your other half or a happily married couple to something truly special and unique this year, you can’t go wrong with sustainably-grown oak heartwood, crafted by hand. Take a look at some of the 5th anniversary gifts we can make for you and add a personalisation with an engraving of your choice, just to make it uniquely about the one or ones you love. Choose from gifts for every budget, for him, her and couples. We have uniques pieces of all sizes, from tea light holders and coat racks to benches, toy boxes and even dining tables. So whatever they’d love and however much room they have, you can give them a beautiful, personal wooden anniversary gift that fills them with joy.

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