Personalised wooden tea light holders

General | 21st Oct

Christmas is very nearly here and we have a really great personalised wooden gift that will make a fantastic present for that someone special. These are our personalised wooden tea light candle holders

Personalised Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

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You are going to love them. We make several styles of personalised tea light candle holder. We have single wooden candle holders. These are made from solid english oak and feature a single tea light candle in the centre and engraved  text around the top edge.

Take a closer look…

Single personalised wooden tea light holder:

wooden tea light candle holders made by makemesomethingspecial

We also make a square and a heart shaped wooden tea light holder. These make fabulous gifts for 5th wedding anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

Heart Shaped Personalised Tea Light Candle Holders:

Stunning Oak Heart Shaped Tea Light Candle Holder

Engraved Tea Light Holders

The most popular would be our personalised wooden candle holders. These come in any size within reason, from 1 tea light up to 10 tea lights as standard. If you are looking for a 5th wedding anniversary gift idea, if you choose a 5 tea light candle holder, you have 1 candle of each of the 5 years. It will make a romantic gift.

Personalised Oak Tea Light Candle Holders

These stunning personalised tea light candle holders also come is Walnut.

Large Personalised Wooden Tea Light Holders

Handmade from our Amish American Black Walnut, these wooden candle holders are something special.

Large Engraved Wooden Tea Light HoldersChoose personalised engraved text on one or both sides faces as well as carved hearts, stars, symbols or other engraved motifs that are special to you. We have carved birds, snowflakes, mountain ranges, flowers – anything you like – we can carve it.

Engraved Robin Red Breast In Wood Candle HolderWhich brings we nicely onto our new personalised pillar tea light candle holders. These are proving to be the most popular candle holders we have ever made. They are 15cm tall and 10cm in diameter, a really chunky solid oak pillar with a tea light in the top.

Pillar Personalised Wooden Tea-light Holder

Choose from several designs and personalise with your own inscription around the edge, on top and underneath which is what we call our special message.

Engraved Wedding Tea Light Candle Holders By MMSS

We have created a special personalised christmas tea light candle holders, featuring our very own holly and berry carved motif and engraved MERRY CHRISTMAS lettering around the top edge of the candle holder.

Christmas Themed Wooden Pillar Tea Light Holder

The carved design is absolutely stunning and looks even better up close.

We have also introduced a 7 tea light wooden holder for Xmas with the same carved motif. This engraved wooden tea light candle holder features the motif on both sides of the lettering NOEL

Engraved Christmas Tea Light Holder

On Christmas day this will make a fantastic table centre piece. Put in your favourite tea light candles inside the engraved wooden holder as everyone sits down for christmas dinner. Everyone will notice and everybody will say so – you can’t help but love it.

Christmas Themed Personalised Tea Light Holders

Engraved Personalised Candle Holders

As personalised wooden gifts, these personalised tea light candle stands make great presents. Even the smallest wooden candle holders like twos and threes, they look stunning with our beautiful engrave lettering.

Wooden Tea Lights Holders Engraved and PersonalisedYou won’t fine another personalised gift manufacture that has engraved lettering as good as ours. We have such a unique way of cutting our lettering. Every letter is deep, sharp and perfectly finished by hand every time.

Quality Oak Tea Light Holder

As teachers thank you gifts, these engraved oak tea light holders will make great presents.

Wooden Candle Holders For Teachers

As Godparent gifts for both Godmother and Godfather

Personalised Engraved Christening Gift Tea-light HolderOr just to show someone that they mean the world to you.

Friends Engraved Oak Tea Light Holders

Our engraved lettering is second to none! I urge you to take a good look at our images, the carved lettering and motifs are simply stunning. We have been doing it a long time and we are the best at it.

Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder created by

Our tea light candle holders all come with glass tea light candle inserts to stop stray wax, keeping your engraved wooden holder clean.

Personalised Oak Candle Holder

The English oak we use is locally sourced true English Oak and come from no less than 25 miles from our workshop in the Surrey Hills. Every single personalised wooden gift we make is handcrafted or order, there are no mass produced products here. Make Me Something Special is proud to be a company that is known for it quality and attention to detail.

Personalised Engraved Wooden Tea Light Holders

Take a look at our personalised wooden tea light candle holder range. You will not fine better anywhere.

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If you are interested in ordering one of these beautiful personalised wooden tea light holders, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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