Our New Personalised Wooden Key Racks

General | 25th Oct

We were so excited when the first personalised wooden key racks rolled out of our workshop.

It was one of those ideas that made me smile. I couldn’t wait to make it and tell everyone about it. I absolutely love this key organiser concept.

We have spent a long time coming up with designs for the perfect wooden key rack. We already make a Key Bowl, which is a great little product, but we wanted something that was unique – something that would hold your keys whilst keeping them separate and didn’t have grooves, little brass hooks or pegs.

The brief was ‘something simple, something different, and above all – something special!’ Eventually, after a lot of discussions back and forth between Davina and me, designs being drawn up on anything and everything from the blackboard in our kitchen to the back of a receipt whilst Davina having a eureka moment whilst buying the fruit and veg at the local farm shop. As well as (shhhh don’t tell anyone) a birthday card the children made for me, which was all that I could find in my bedside table at 4 am!

We eventually came up with the perfect concept. It was so simple! A block of solid English Oak with hidden magnets. We used our usual hidden screw head fixings like we do on our personalised wellington boot holders, wooden coat hooks and house signs and of course there’s room for engraving too, but the thing I love most is, it’s simplicity.

Nothing but a blank block of oak – but it’s so sleek, and you know exactly what it is for the second you read the word “KEYS” or “FAMILY KEYS”

It’s so funny! When I first put it up on the wall by my front door the children were already finding things to stick on it – just to see if it was up to the job. You name it, they tried it – scissors, hair clips, knives, forks, spoons, rings – if it was metal it was tested.

That is the best thing about this product, you can use it as a wooden desk organiser. You can hold your loose bits and pieces as well as using it as a stylish notice board. Just hold pictures and papers on with little metal beads or clips.

Wooden Key Racks | MakeMeSomethingSpecial

I also love the way we fit the magnets. Behind the oak block we route out a pocket and place the magnets in and cover them over with a strip of oak. As with our personalised chopping boards we are no strangers to the world of joining timber and making the join look invisible.

Personalised Key Racks | MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

Another great feature is we have had little trolley tokens made which come with our wooden key racks which apart from being handy and very useful to have on your key ring, it also helps with the attachment, not that it needs it! Your keys will stay in place just with a normal key ring.

Magnetic Wooden Key Rack | MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

However, the ultimate test came when Granddad came over for Sunday lunch and tried his keys on it. I literally held my breath as he placed his keys on the Key Rack. He has a huge bunch of keys which are so heavy a prison warden would be impressed! – I honestly thought the wall would give way but of course it didn’t, they stayed perfectly in place until he went home later that day.

Just fabulous!

Personalised Magentic Wooden Key Racks

If you would like to order one of our personalised wooden key racks, then contact us today!

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