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These large wooden chopping boards have been blended by Make Me Something Special’s traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques. And it shows. These large oak chopping boards couldn’t be more perfect. Using only the hardest, most beautiful and most highly prized timber in the world, they are truly the highest quality personalised chopping boards on the market. If you’re buying for a friend or family member, don’t forget to add a personal engraving of your choice to make it even more unique.

Large Wooden Chopping Boards

Hand Crafted Large Oak Chopping Boards

These hand crafted large wooden chopping boards are unlike any other mass chopping or wooden kitchen board on the market. Our large wooden chopping boards are designed and made in the UK from the most beautiful timber in the world. We use the finest furniture grade Amish American hardwoods found in the Northern Appalachian region of New England. This large walnut chopping board is a perfect addition to a vibrant kitchen…

Oak Chopping Boards by MakeMeSomethingSpecial

All our large chopping boards are available blank or personalised with words or lettering of your choice on the side faces. You can apply anything from family names, special dates or even a poem or favourite quote. Hearts and stars are also available on request.

Dimensions and Personalised Engraving quantities:

Small – 4cm x 15cm x 25cm – up to 9 characters per side

Medium – 4.5cm x 20cm x 35cm – up to 12 characters per side

Large – 4.5cm x 25cm x 40cm – up to 15 characters per side

XLarge – 4.5cm x 30cm x 45cm – up to 18 characters per side

VLarge – 4.5cm x 35cm x 50cm – up to 20 characters per side

Shipping: £ 9.99

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.

For a closer look, visit our large wooden chopping boards page.

This has to be the largest chopping board we have ever made!

Large Bespoke Wooden Chopping Boards from

It really is one serious oak kitchen board!

This is based on our unique twin lipped edge chopping board with carving board on the reverse side, except this absolutely stunning worktop saver has the lips on the width edge instead of the length.

Wooden Chopping Boards from

Large Bespoke Chopping Boards from

It was specially commissioned by a customer who wanted it to span the whole width of his dining table. He then wanted to lay out a buffet for his guests for them to help themselves.

Imagine the Tapas bowls and pans, breads, olives, dips – This would be the ultimate Antipasti serving board. Then, when all is finished wipe it down – amazing!

However, just as our twin lipped chopping board has the two work surfaces… so does this! Except this carving board is a twin.

Large Bespoke Chopping Boards from

This is basically the size of two of our large oak carving boards back to back, so the obvious thing to do was to double up the juice grooves by having them run in both directions, keeping the carving area juice free for cutting – no splashing! With this in mind, this carving board’s collecting Wells have been increased in size to hold more meat juices whilst the meat selections are being carved.

Large Bespoke Chopping Boards from

I have to say, a wooden cutting board of these proportions really will be an excellent serving platform for a meat or barbecue feast. If you were holding a special occasion gathering in your home, when it comes to feed everyone you can place everything on board and just let everyone help themselves. This board is going to hold a lot of meat – what a feast it will be! And, as these boards are made from wood, they make perfect 5th wedding anniversary gifts.

Large Bespoke Wooden Chopping Boards from

Bespoke oak chopping boards like this are fun to create, It ‘s nice to be challenged in this way as it keeps the imagination cogs turning.

Hope you enjoy using this kitchen board!

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